Your purchase was made no more than 72 hours prior to your refund request. Your course will expire one (1) year after you purchase it (the date you submit payment), unless the course itself indicates otherwise. Environmental specialists must be prepared to communicate research findings to colleagues, present reports, or give talks regarding a particular policy. Requested or been issued a certificate of completion. You’re in good hands. This course provides an intensive look at EPA regulations to better prepare you for a career in environmental and workplace safety compliance. Some entry-level jobs for environmental specialists may include environmental research assistants or laboratory technicians. This certification is recognized by the U.S. Air Force. This may include environmental testing and the abatement and/or removal of hazardous material. Amendments have been implemented to these Acts, especially the 1990 Amendments which are addressed in this online course. It was designed to help you fully understand the various regulations set up by the EPA, helping you ensure compliance from companies/facilities and the safety of workers and the public. A certified environmental specialist is responsible for communicating issues related to Storm Water Discharges and also, identifying the requirements of the SPCC plan. Today's top 592 Certified Environmental Specialist jobs in United States. If you lose your certificate of completion and need a new one, you can contact customer service at (877) 881-2235 or Certified Environmental Services, Incorporated (CES) is a professional environmental, health and safety consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in the assessment and management of environmental risk and liability. Certified Environmental Service, Inc. (CES) was formed in 1991 to provide environmental testing and associated consulting services to private, municipal, industrial, educational and commercial clients located throughout the State of New York. Many specialists are hired by the government to monitor compliance with federal regulations regarding air, soil, and water safety standards. This course provides an intensive look at EPA regulations to better prepare you for a career in environmental and workplace safety compliance. After successfully completing the Train4Less online course, you will be able to print your certificate. Environmental Career and Education Courses. You get simple to follow course content that you can access anytime, anywhere. This new certification will help us further assist ICT clients with environmental management, sustainability and quality management needs. Sign up for the Certified Environmental Specialist by for it. offers the convenient online course you need to become certified. How Quickly Will I Get My Certificate of Completion? The Certified Environmental Specialist course has been established to give an intensive overview on EPA regulations to professionals who are working within the safety and environmental fields. This course is designed for environmental professionals who want to maximize their environmental compliance and ensure public safety in the workplace.This course provides essential knowledge and understanding of EPA regulations relating to hazardous wastes such as the Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), SPCC Rule, RCRA, EPCRA, TSCA, and CERCLA.The course will enable those who successfully complete the qualifications to implement updated environmental compliance programs at t… These topics are all covered in the online course for environmental certification. Access in-depth course completion reporting. What Can I Expect My Future Career Path to Look Like? The certified environmental auditor℠ program is meant for professionals who conduct environmental compliance and risk audits on operating facilities, equipment and processes. Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2014); O*Net Online. Find out how to how to manage auditing systems for a Quality Management System. | 3.3 (3 Ratings), This course provides an intensive look at EPA regulations to better prepare you for a career in environmental and workplace safety compliance.  You'll learn both the letter of the law and the day-to-day reality of creating and implementing an effective compliance program.   Â, If you work on projects that pose a potential threat to the public or the environment, this course will give you the knowledge you need to keep everyone safe and comply with federal regulations.Â, This training is ideal for professionals in environmental safety and compliance who want to shore up their knowledge of EPA regulations.  At the end of the course, you'll earn environmental specialist certification.Â, At your own pace, save progress as you goÂ, Customer support available 7 days a weekÂ. You can see a sample of the many different types of job postings for environmental specialists here. Who can apply for the Certified Environmental AuditorSM Certification? The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) administers the industry-standard Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) credential, which involves passing an exam. You can find their details below. Upon completion of this course students will recive a certificate certifying them as a Certified Environmental Specialist. Certified Environmental Specialist Resources. OSHA Certified Environmental Specialist Training . As the industry grows, it is expected that there will be a 15% job growth in environmental work in the next decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since 1979, the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) designation has been awarded to senior managers and other qualified individuals as a way to demonstrate their professional skills and high standards of conduct. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. The national average salary for a Environmental Specialist is $50,900 in United States. Marie Athey is the subject matter expert. Environmental specialists monitor facilities that can potentially affect the environment or population. Facilities must be monitored for potential issues that could adversely affect the environment or public. If you are interested in becoming an environmental specialist, you should be aware of some of the characteristics and skill sets that are needed in this line of work. 18,007 Environmental Specialist jobs available on Train4Less courses are taught by qualified educators with experience in the field. You'll learn both the letter of the law and the day-to-day reality of creating and implementing an effective compliance program. Environmental compliance specialists at the technician level collect and analyze hazardous samples, record information, prepare reports, maintain monitoring equipment, inspect facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools for cleanliness and safety, and provide supportive services to environmental engineers and scientific professionals. Some prospective specialists may enjoy working with the public in the area of environmental education and communication . What Does a Certified Environmental Specialist Do? Marie's background in EHS spans 15 years and multiple industries. A certified environmental specialist should be able to discuss up-to-date environmental laws and regulations, and know the requirements of the Clean Air Act and RCRA. A certified environmental specialist is a scientist, who studies a particular population and its impact on the environment. First, you will want to gain experience in entry-level jobs, such as interning as a research assistant or laboratory technician. It is a good idea to gain some experience, possibly as an intern, and move up towards a more specialized degree. Get an intensive look at EPA regulations and learn the day-to-day reality of environmental compliance and safety. This is a great time to get involved in this booming field! BIZPHYX Adds Certified Environmental Specialist (CES) To List of Environmental Consulting Credentials . Keep your workplace safe by learning how to prevent accidents and injuries. Certified Environmental Manager. They develop plans or make recommendations for solutions based on their research findings. Specialist in Safety and Health (Construction, General Industry, or Occupational Safety) Certified Safety and Health Official (Construction, General Industry, or Healthcare) Associate Renew your understanding of RCRA compliance for hazardous waste in California. ne demek. For more information about course expiration dates, please read Terms of Use. New Certified Environmental Specialist jobs added daily. CES – Certified Environmental Specialist The CES is an experienced Environmental Professional who can provide a wide range of environmental services. Learn how to prevent workplace hazards according to California OSHA guidelines. You can find more information about our refund policy here. Play ENESENus. What is A Certified Environmental Specialist? What If I Need a Refund for My Training Course? After acquiring a few years of experience in an entry-level position, specialists may be on track for a position as a lab or project manager. You’ll learn both the letter of the law and the day-to-day reality of creating and implementing an effective compliance program. You can get started today by enrolling in a course now! Here are the eligibility requirements you must meet: If you meet all of these criteria, submit your refund request in writing via email to with a proof-of-purchase receipt and an explanation for why you are requesting a refund. Get trained on the reporting requirements for EPCRA and CERLA (Superfund). We are an American-owned and operated company with over 40 years of successful training of individuals.  Our focus is  bringing you online training courses that prepare you for  active employment and/or enhance your current skill set in your current position. We're here for you 7 days a week with online chat and toll-free phone support. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. Play ENESENau. -Well organized. What is a Certifed Enviromental Specialist. Filter by location to see Environmental Specialist salaries in your area. A certified environmental specialist should be able to discuss up-to-date environmental laws and regulations, and know the requirements of the Clean Air Act and RCRA. A college degree is required to become an environmental specialist. The Certified Environmental Specialist (CES) certification received for having successfully completed the course training and passing the requisite examinations will be conferred to the graduate and can applied toward OSHA certification requirements. Who Hires Certified Environmental Specialists? Completed 50% or more of the purchased course. Get your environmental specialist certification online today! İngilizce Türkçe online sözlük Tureng. The best part is, courses are online so you can access your training from anywhere! Overview - Online Certified Environmental Specialist Course - Only $255* The 24-hour Online Certified Environmental Specialist course discusses the goals and importance of the Clean Air Act through its legislative history. Environmental certification is a form of environmental regulation and development where a company can voluntarily choose to comply with predefined processes or objectives set forth by the certification service. -Good communication. Environmental specialists work to address a variety of issues related to environmental concerns. Enroll today with our partner, OSHA Pros! Kelime ve terimleri çevir ve farklı aksanlarda sesli dinleme. What is Certified Environmental Specialist Training? A wide variety of businesses, organizations, and facilities hire environmental specialists to advise them on environmental policy, concerns, and best practices. References:,, How do you get certified as an environmental specialist? -Ability to work indoors and outdoors. Apply to Environmental Specialist, Protection Specialist, Patient Services Representative and more! Start online today! Â, Duration: 24 Hour(s) Since that time the CEP logo has been trademarked by the US Patent & Trademark Office, and the … Professionals who have: 1. Once you finish your course and pass any required exams, you can print your certificate of completion right away. Environmental specialists currently earn a median wage of $63,570 – which is much higher than the average national average salary rate. Play ENESENuk. The Certified Environmental Specialist (CES) course has been established to give an intensive overview on EPA regulations to professionals who are working within the safety and environmental fields. There is a wide variety of jobs available in the environmental industry. As of recently, there has been greater attention dedicated to this field and therefore, a growing number of job opportunities are being presented. What is Certified Environmental Specialist Training? These specialists are experts in natural science and they can identify problems or areas of concern within a particular environment. If you are interested in the legal aspects of environmental policy, you may find yourself pursuing a law degree. Different features of the Clean Water Act need to be applied in day-to-day operation, and hazardous waste management systems must be implemented. certified environmental specialist. This course is for professionals in environmental safety.

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