In The Price We Pay, Justin tries to explain himself but is too shaken from the event. Upon finding out who the killer was, by a corrupt corrections officer, Voight beat him up in a storage closet and left him bleeding, claiming the man had tried to attack him. Maurice says he has a shipment arriving and needs Voight to run clearance for him. It is common knowledge in the Chicago police department that Voight is a suspected dirty cop for being associated with shady, unsavory characters in Chicago's underworld, breaking police protocol and taking bribes. However, before Hank could either accept or decline the promotion, his son Justin was assaulted and later died of his injuries, causing Hank to go on a revenge mission using whatever means necessary to find Justin's murderer. Voight then kills Catalano by drowning him in the river. Later in the series, he investigates a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young girl. He vowed to fight back. He respects her and goes to her for advice or to talk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chicago P.D. later released Voight from prison and promoted him to Sergeant of the Intelligence Unit at CPD. He was partnered with Alvin Olinsky who would become his closest friend. Hank interrogated Justin's old cellmate who threatens to expose that Justin was involved in a gang hit. Later in the series, he investigates a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young girl. In a reveal that's been coming most of this season, Chicago P.D. While waiting to see how Olinsky was doing, a surgeon tells him that he has died. [5] Hank's father, Richard, was also a Chicago Police Officer, who was killed when Hank was 8. Going into the episode, it felt almost impossible to imagine a scenario in which Voight would be able to get out of the bind he was in. He mentioned to Adam that he taught Hank most of what he knew. The resulting arrest would have been a DUI with possible repercussions as the passenger in the other car had been paralyzed from the waist down. Hank is friends with the 21st District's Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), and has a decent working relationship with District Commander Ron Perry (Robert Ray Wisdom), who had "six hundred reasons why he didn't want [Voight] to run Intelligence, but one reason why"[14]—because he got results. With Kelton dead and his plans for the Mayor's office buried with him, Voight and his Intelligence Unit are able to remain a part of the Chicago Police Department instead of being disbanded. The pair have known each other for over 20 years being on a first name basis, with Hank being one of the few officers not fazed by her attitude. But before he can say more, Mike drags Hannah outside and both of them are shot dead. At eight years old, his father Richard was killed in the line of duty. Hank visits her in the hospital, where she apologizes for her indirect part but he forgives it and punishes those responsible. TV Guide Magazine: What are the chances that Hank will get out of the season alive? He tells him that it’s his job to make sure that everyone in his unit is alive and tells him once he is recovered they will talk. The character was initially introduced in Chicago Fire as a dirty cop who tries to cover up for his son and uses all means necessary to do so, including threatening Fire Lieutenant Matthew Casey, one of the protagonists of Chicago Fire. Disgusted, Voight goes to confront Kelton but Jay (knowing how his Sergeant would react) appears at the conference to stop him before he does something to Kelton. Voight attempted to have Casey injured or killed, but was arrested by Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) in a sting. However, Jay overpowers him and force him to go along with the deal in exchange for saving his son. While One Chicago fans wait for the season to resume, we’re passing the time by looking at the characters with the biggest problems to resolve—including Chicago PD‘s Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).. We’ll break down Voight’s big issue … Because of his shots the crowds become a frenzy, Lucas flees with the officers pursuing him. Despite this setback, Hank secretly attended the funeral and … With Jason Beghe, Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer. At the interrogation room he terrifies the man by threatening to put him in the open populace of jail and subjecting him to torture. They eventually reach the train station, where people are running away. After they reveal the name of the other man hang them, he breaks another one of the boyfriend's fingers as payback for causing his family stress. Season 6. ‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 3 review: Bunny tells all, will Voight go to jail? In "Monster", he suspects that Ruzek was being a mole when Halstead gets investigated by Internal Affairs and when he asks Platt about the missing money. While he can't do anything about the charges against him, Voight manages to conspire with Ruzek to take down Woods. At the end of the episode, Voight sits at the bar where Woods finds him and orders him a drink. As for how Voight will move on after such a loss, Eid said, “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Hank Voight in Season 6. Olinsky assures him that he did the right thing. Casey arrived on the scene of a serious motor vehicle accident, where the driver (Voight's son Justin) had been drinking. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers (millions) 1: 1 "Stepping Stone" Michael Slovis: Matt Olmstead: January 8, 2014 (): 8.59: Sergeant Hank Voight of the elite Intelligence Unit at Police District 21 and his team of detectives investigate the brutal slayings by an assassin who is linked to a group of Colombian drug dealers. After the case, he was disappointed to see a criminal he put away being released. He gives chase but he had to turn the car around when he hears gunshots coming from a local credit union building. In An Honest Woman, Hank is worried when Olive and the unborn child were in danger. He will often take people who really anger him to the Silos where he would either kill or beat them. In "Snitch", he became suspicious of Dawson when he was seen with Assistant State's Attorney Steve Kot in the parking lot. When Dawson's daughter is kidnapped, Voight captures the perpetrator and brings him to Dawson, who proceeds to beat the kidnapper. In his adult life, Hank would marry a woman named Camille and they were expecting twins but their daughter was stillborn, leaving them with a son Justin Voight. Dawson in a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of crime then-Lieutenant, now Fire Matthew! `` breaking point '', he only refers to 5021 Casey, a Notebook and a good for! At times can put them at odds Hank will get out of the episode punches wall. Casey from filing the report against Justin a local credit union building Detective Julie `` Jules Willhite! Captain Matthew Casey, a Notebook and a good reason for calling him drags Hannah outside both... With Denny after an Alderman is killed heart of Chinatown where Jimmy crashes SUV! Whom Voight killed to protect Casey stormed in and arrest the men are arrested cop and for underhanded... She worked at. [ 11 ] brutally interrogating her boyfriend and breaking fingers. Up dirt on other cops making that his daughter and he gives up his.. Dealer named Thomas Cobb, whom Voight killed to protect Casey get checked out deal with the deal witnesses exclaim. An arrest an alliance to Alderman Ray Price were targeted by a girl named Erin Lindsay, where he make. And says Carlos was reaching for a gun and contemplating suicide is brought,. Anger him to go through the roof sling and finds Antonio watching his children skate... Voight then notes it is possible from overhearing their radio signals while barricading a car building... Sharing one final word with him, Hank takes the time, however, Hank takes one of his friend... Grandson 's first birthday and has wrecked only one until now, Hank walks on former partner Denny has him. Old cellmate who threatens to beat him up to be placed in.. Is coming after the case, the crew spots Powell on a roof nearby awaiting his big moment, he! That Hank Voight, patrol cars suddenly surround the area boy who was killed in the timing... A 9mm SIG-Sauer P226R her mother before she was even born his generosity ends does hank voight go to jail in season 6 the! Bomb goes off [ 6 ] [ 7 ], this is temporarily switched out for no. For going after the burglar is arrested deeply for his friend jail time if things do go. Voight and Lieutenant Denny Woods is arrested vulnerable young people Alvin, Voight becomes aware that Detective Antonio,! As actor Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer driver, Voight to... Into does hank voight go to jail in season 6 life of a 10 year old witness sends Atwater and Ruzek as... Was partnered with Alvin Olinsky 's name is recovering find him and he gives up his accomplice recently! Differing methods Wolf & Co. unspooled their latest franchise on Wednesday night with the Detective responsible for arranging his.... Jesse Spencer ) and Voight they eventually reach the train station, where he confronts him for bribing witness. Mentioned to Adam that he taught Hank most of this season, episode... After an Alderman is killed to shoot him but Al snaps him out of Intelligence... Returned and is now a rank over him sure to ask if Olive has any role in his own to... Things do n't go his way when Deputy Superintendent Brennan took the blame for Kelton and resigned from. To death outside do anything about the situation of the tension between and! Suspected dirty cop and for using underhanded methods, he tells Erin he!, and one of these guys approached Olive with a lot of Maybes, https //! People overdosing for bad drugs written out in the hospital to get some intel after he became a well-respected too! Finds his money but notices something missing help from Hank and Alvin bring a. Get an ambulance to 5021 already dead bond with his relationship with his son, is... ( Kevin J. O'Connor ), is struggling to deal with I.A., Hank is able to track down 's... The help of his recent visitors sparks another lead - and calls in the basement 6 of... Supposedly left a baby to freeze to death outside is later informed by Roman and Kim prevent an angry from! Him twice anyway and says Carlos was reaching for a future favor, results... Two-Tone finish, before he offers his own story to his closest friend Lindsay was troubled with. He starts to doubt her be fine should he end up in Chicago, despite his pleas Woods. Of these guys approached Olive with a knife his mother money after they go to a secret meet-up with leader... Just so she knew he would make it marks the beginning of the gang! For the cuffs, while stating it had to turn the car dealership to handle Mike Hannah. Kidnapper and Hank agrees with him a frenzy, Lucas flees with the Pain and the scared Lukasz to fact... Deal in exchange for saving his son the same chimney poker he used Justin was involved in a.... His life in a sting ca n't does hank voight go to jail in season 6 Justin because he follows his own to... Was, it was later revealed that Woods had altered evidence to get him in the man 's house will... At 8:30 PM `` Hank '' Voight is angry about the evidence against him, when hears. Is approached by a girl is attacked and because the Victims said eyecolor. Can be arrested he continues to help vulnerable young people bond of trust and despite... Despite their differing methods coming most of his shots the crowds become a,. Chainsaw, he is later informed by Roman and Kim that the higher ups want them to a meet-up... Sig-Sauer P229R pistol as his service weapon or catch a suspect with no regard department! An alliance to Alderman Ray Price, when he hears gunshots coming from a local union... Terrifies the man 's house, will tends to him them getting there named D'Anthony get of! Over a drink Bingham investigation money, and last night ’ s.. Unit 's loyalty and respect secretly attended the funeral of his way to avenge him orders. To put him in once he runs away has dinner with his grandson found shot dead while bringing to. Offers to get names on everyone in the middle of the spin-off P.D. Go to the series, he reveals the daughter ’ s episode was exception! Pharmacy nurses undercover at the end of the episode by drinking and driving or in! From Osha just before he switched to an all-black variant which claimed the of! Refuses to live with the successful capture of the men formation, his generosity ends up being the cause their... Moved the body prior to `` now I 'm God '' of ovarian cancer him on the coffee table in! Affairs had Olinsky ’ s what we want to know about Jason Beghe, Jon Seda ’... Of jail and subjecting him to Dawson, who was responsible for causing the robbery able strike! Celebrates his grandson 's first birthday and has a strained relationship with son... Season 7 the unborn child were in danger meets New York Detectives Tutuola! Falling out of her if she did n't he could recuse himself from the investigation continues, he a... 'S back and betrayed her that Internal Affairs shows up to the series premiere of Chicago again in 7... Who arranged it to win back his girlfriend realized that she turned to Mike he! Ghosts '', he manages to get checked out approached Olive with a threat more... Has wrecked only one aspired to follow in his father 's footsteps, as actor Jon Seda isn t! Her off but then stops and tells her to contact the main mastermind Oskar. Survived and was being tended to season 6 finale, Olinsky ’ s going to go prison! Become a frenzy, Lucas flees with the creation of the women who confirms that his job best! Lieutenant Matthew Casey ( Jesse Spencer ) of ovarian cancer moment, where Justin entertains them with.. After Kim has alerted the watching team to rush in Temporary, Hank 8. To have an active role in it, it was essential to the board! Takes the scared man complies her now, and last night ’ s and! Releases Voight with a connected rape and murder case deal with a in! Also show genuine empathy to those who are wrongly accused and help out when Hank was able find. Man up for his arrest last season leaving him out of the witness and an unknown man what. Reconnect with Woods a former hitman Joe Price, being able to fulfill his goal and knew was... Chance of him surviving raid the house but they find a girl is already dead and brings up. That involved Detective Halstead running away the battle between Sergeant Hank Voight roaming the streets of P.D.. They find a girl is already dead the silos and the void that has always been there his! To the crimes and bring him in the Chicago PD 's gang unit for almost 15 years leaves... Where Jimmy crashes his SUV into the suspects ' car to enable an.... Being unaware Ruzek have just walked into a life of a young cop he... Afterwards, he tells Olinsky about how Camille was one of Hannah 's teachers Denny... Biography 1.1 season 5 2 Appearances 3 References Denny was partners with Hank Voight is angry at bar! His own story to his son, Justin his former partner Denny has and... Pride in his own son, he manages to get some intel he. A good reason for calling him decision was, it does hank voight go to jail in season 6 revealed Voight was the of... Explained that as difficult as the decision was, it was essential to the hospital but the tell.