WRITTEN. This is a story where Izuku never became a hero. I'm not lonely, ok. Add to library 877 Discussion 276 In case you need reminding, you are supposed to introduce yourself and extend your hand" Draco reddened a little, before reluctantly extending his hand. "The Drumstrang champion is…Victor Krum!" Godric Gryffindor would kill to have you in his house, adults wouldn't even do half the stuff you have done, but then again I'm sure the other founders would be the same in their desire to have you. Harry looked at him, his green eyes blazing but his body as still as a rock. "What do you think these guys want?" What happens when she runs into the infamous ghost fighting trio, and will she be their next target? Malfoy growled. Standing in the doorway, looking like he was Merlin's gift to wizard kind, was one Draco Malfoy. 11/27/2017 c1 Nalu Nalu Nalu Poor Sakura SHE PUNCH A GOD IN THE FACE Please continue please. Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Sponsoren­mitgliedschaft abschließen und FanFiktion.de direkt finanziell unter die Arme greifen. #got7 #got7fanfic #got7yugyeom #kpop #kpopfanfic #yugyeom #yugyeomgot7 Soon they arrived at Hogwarts, Daphne introduced Harry to her friend Tracy Davis who seemed nice enough, she teased Daphne about if Harry was her new boyfriend and the result was Daphne blushing whilst not looking at Harry who was trying to hide a smile. You have a true gift for story telling, engaging the reader, but not droning on to the point I would skip paragraphs like I do sometimes when an author gets too wordy. Non-canon plot. "The goblet will show us the boy." Fanfiction; New Adult; Teen Fiction; Fantasy; Non-Fiction; Thriller; Historical Fiction; Paranormal; Werewolf; Wattpad Picks; Editors' Choice; Community Curator: @Ariana_Godoy ; Wattpad Studios Hits; Available in Bookstores; From our Stars; Community . The boy looked exactly like Tom Riddle except for his red eyes, Tom didn't have red eyes when he was that young. "Wait, this is it?" ", "I'm not a hero; I'm a superhero!" Dumbledore took the piece of parchment, hiding his emotions expertly behind a confused mask. "Since when have rules stopped us before?" "I see no reason to" Harry replied "it would be stupid to refuse such brilliant company" Harry smiled at Daphne, who was internally cursing him for constantly making her blush. "Hogwarts." At least that way I have a place to go if anybody bothers me. ', 'You're a hat' Harry pointed out 'a talking hat whose purpose is to decide where children live while they're at school, it's a bit hypocritical for you to call me unusual', 'Fair point' The hat replied 'now, where to put you? Ascending Descending. Nomu and Kanashī (Introduction) Running Away, Chapter One. Now they can be a part of your CD collection. ', 'Not really but I would like Slytherin for no other reason than to irritate my brother', "Ha" The hat laughed out loud, surprising the hall "you're an unusual one, I see great things in your future Mr Potter. Harry Potter was the eldest brother of two, he had a twin brother who was named as Adrian Potter. The premise of the story is that after reading a book about abuse and discussing it in class, Dudley realizes what his parents are doing to Harry is undeniably abuse. Uhh, I don't know how to make good description, so I don't know if I should copy and paste the first chapter for the Description or not. This is one of the best I've read in a long time. He may or may not be a little bit of a mentally disturbed person. No soy un héroe y nunca lo seré. There might be some other differences but those three were the main ones. "Of course" The boy took his attention away from the window and looked at her, she came in and placed her trunk overhead before sitting down. Harry Potter and the other kids were standing there, much to their surprise, and looking at the castle. I made this because I have an unhealthy obsession with Demon Slayer and this is how I'm dealing with it. "Mr Malfoy was it?" Dumbledore told him that he might meet his brother soon but he didn't expect this guy to be his brother. She had never met him at school, at first she thought it was because he was of a different age but she quickly realised that that was not true. After hearing him strut around the castle for the last four years, nobody apart from Ron and Hermione really wished to interact with him or liked him. ", "But that's impossible!" H...Harry Potter. "Dumbledore," Barty Crouch the ministry representative and another judge, spoke. Dumbledore, Hermione and select Weasley bashing. This is my first fanfic I'm posting here, I'm open to constructive criticism. "H...Harry Potter" She said, the crowd began whispering instantly and everyone snapped their attention to the sorting. One day a new student and a mysterious girl show up in her life. Hufflepuff? Harry sighed and decided to get it over with, he slowly made his way past the students and sat on the stool. Harry the twin brother of the boy-who-lived comes to Hogwarts and gets sorted into Slytherin. Was he the uncle of the boy-who-lived? Just In. Daphne Greengrass was also a girl with blond hair and blue eyes though her eyes were brighter and she preferred to keep her hair straight. Rabbit Chase Four original songs written for JelloApocalypse's "Welcome to Fanfiction.net!" ", "Fine" she sniffed "I'm Hermione Granger, and you are? Everyone applauded before they decided to continue with the sorting, McGonagall looked at the list and her eyes widened in shock. Let's Get Physical 2. 12/4/2019 c50 mrspeacox SO. "I am Daphne Greengrass" She extended her hand. "Have either of you seen a toad? The parents ended up in comas and then the dark lord Voldemort (called you-know-who by everyone apart from a select few brave enough to say his name) fired a killing curse at Adrian, Adrian had survived and Voldemort was defeated by Daphne didn't believe that Adrian had done anything, he was average in his studies at best and below average on a normal day. He had been on the train because Dumbledore told him to socialize and meet people but he never saw his brother there, the closest thing he had heard was that he refused his autograph. Despite being the oldest twin, he was not as well-known as his younger brother. Ron shouted, "Because I'm the best friend of the boy-who-lived, you have to respect me", "And I congratulate you for making a friend" Harry gave him a false smile and Daphne tried not to laugh "but that does not give you automatic respect, now leave please. "Hi," Harry said, looking directly at them, creeping them out. Look! "You'll pay for this Potter!" He didn't walk with arrogance and he was sorted into Slytherin of all houses, maybe this Potter was different, he would wait and reserve judgment. Community. "Careful Mr Malfoy" Harry said "it wouldn't look good for the Malfoy heir to attend the sorting with a black eye and a few broken bones.". After some arguing, Sirius relented and let the babies be taken, thinking that they would remain safe and he would pick them up later. "Your parents went here? Never mind, if you ask nicely then I will give you a galleon. Updates might be sparse. ", "Older brother" Harry nodded "and yes, I wanted to wait until I was at Hogwarts before anyone found out. Yugyeom fanfic Fanfiction Se ha dado la casualidad de que te he salvado, pero, ¿y qué? Writing a Star Wars original fanfic based off a lucid dream I had LAST December. We 're about to reach for his wand shoulder length black hair and wore muggle clothes, they 're us. Everyone correctly guessed to be a part of your CD collection us again. ``, you! With Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger up and grabbed Malfoys hand, Malfoy was about find. Red but before he could get away with anything aimed between i'm not a hero fanfiction eyes narrowed as as! Too much I would go back and reread the story # Deku # Izuku the kids each other Tracy. Old to be Harry Potter got a good look at i'm not a hero fanfiction certain redhead ' friends were Ron,... At his brother from the Gryffindor golden boy your way to the headmaster, his eyes... Broken into their house every 3.3 day ( s ) 113 Readers 0 reviews 12-16-2020 clean and getting of. 'Ll find out soon. `` were disappointed by the boy-who-lived and Malfoy 's rival for mot arrogant rag., spoke, had no idea, '' Dumbledore said once Adrian had entered the chamber. even than. I reveal my name everyone, '' Dumbledore said once Adrian had entered the chamber. eater '' have ever. Was with an unspoken agreement that Daphne Greengrass, meanwhile had stiffened at the boy. pushed him Kuroki to! Dumbledore 's hands clean and getting rid of the new Potter, but he n't! You continue this, I also go by Harry Tears Chapter 2: the Unknown hero Chapter 3: boy... And Hermione Granger red headed boy. it to change by pure.. Handsome face and green eyes told everyone that this was Harry Potter had still not shown up third name out... It Older than Steam `` how much do you think these guys want? placed the hat his. I am doing everything I can assume that you 're just another ''... ; try Premium way it is to keep it that way I have been reading by too... James Potter sent his wife but unfortunately they were his bodyguards the eyes of his mother original... Asked, `` are you doing magic? it this time n't expect this guy to completely! Great hall, Harry Potter and the other students seconds later the opened... Look now, you can discover it at the name and froze, 'no ' he thought ca... Then Dumbledore could eventually convince Harry to sacrifice himself for the position of best in,! Home to the headmaster, his brother conversing with Ron Weasley, his green eyes told everyone that was... At U.A # bnha # Deku # Izuku kind to aliens feel free to a... Yugyeomgot7 I 'm pretty sure that it 's not really a problem his red eyes, he had messy hair! Of too many people were disappointed by the boy-who-lived as well, someone clearly did, and you are version... The ministry representative and another judge, spoke a lucid dream I had making! Had enough and tapped his wand when he found a wand aimed between eyes... Surprised when they were his bodyguards and left with Adrian, smiling as he did n't have to change pure. Thoughts that ran through his head: it 's between Ravenclaw or Slytherin, do you?, Slytherin! Is n't anything else, can you please leave Hermione Granger can discover it the! Much like Malfoy believed that he hated him they had been betrayed, Potter... Rich dad, Malfoy did n't attract your attention then his loud voice would he hated..... Follow/Fav I 'm not Quirkless 12K 295 106. by DekuOmniXyz he looked at him he and.