It is a possible treatment for a number of different types of cancer such as: kidney cancer (renal cell cancer) melanoma; multiple myeloma; some types of leukaemia; some neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) non-Hodgkin lymphoma That said, proof of effectiveness, especially with the diluted doses, is lacking in veterinary patients and i ts use should be considered investigational . Interferon alpha has proven useful in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B or C, genital warts, and for certain cancers including malignant melanoma, Kaposi's sarcoma associated with AIDS, and follicular lymphoma. Interferon alpha is strongly antiviral in its higher doses and is a more general modulator of the immune response in lower (“dilute”) doses. The mechanism by which INTRON A may alter thyroid status is unknown. Human interferon alpha is used in cats to treat FeLV, FIV, FIP, FHV-1 and a variety of dermatologic conditions. Interferon (Intron® A or Sylatron™) Adjuvant therapy is secondary cancer treatment, given after primary treatment with surgery, to help delay or prevent the recurrence of cancer. ), arbidol (200 mg t.i.d.) Topical interferon alpha-2b (IFN-α2b) is of particular interest because of its apparent efficacy and low toxicity. Interferon was once the best treatment for CML, but now, the tyrosine kinase inhibitors are the mainstay of treatment and interferon is rarely used. Arch Dermatol 1998 134 1010–1016.1016 . Recombinant interferon alfa-2b is also being studied in the treatment of other types of cancer and other conditions. We describe here the effects of treatment with interferon (IFN)-α2b in a cohort of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wuhan, China. J Rheumatol 1998 25 1938–1944.1944 . R.G. Endocrine Disorders. 22. One use for interferon alpha is the treatment of polycythemia vera. ), arbidol (200 mg t.i.d.) In this uncontrolled, exploratory study, 77 adults hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 were treated with either nebulized IFN-α2b (5 mU b.i.d. AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma: IM, SubQ: 30 million units/m23 times a week; continue until disease progression or until maxi… Hepatitis B. Interferon alpha-2b is the form of the drug that works against chronic viral hepatitis B infection. Interferon alpha is important under normal circumstances for antiviral responses and immune activation. It is recommended as one of the second-line options in patients who are refractory or intolerant to first-line hydroxycarbamide. Interferon alpha is currently recommended as an option for first-line therapy for individuals with essential thrombocythaemia or polycythaemia vera in whom cytoreduction is indicated. Consider premedication with acetaminophen prior to administration to reduce the incidence of some adverse reactions. The findings, researchers said, showed promise for interferon-alpha-2b -- which has been used against hepatitis and some forms of cancer, including melanoma -- as a … Interferon alfa (IntronA, Roferon-A) Interferon alfa is also called by its brand names IntronA and Roferon-A. O'Duffy J D, Calamia K, Cohen S. et al Interferon‐alpha treatment of Behcet's disease. or a combination of IFN-α2b plus arbidol. Interferon, an immune system chemical that helps the body fend off viruses, is being tested against the coronavirus (vials of the drug seen in production here). How Interferon Alfa Works: Interferon alfa belongs to the category of therapies called biologic response modifiers (BRM), also called immunotherapy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) … They work by helping the body fight the infections. Both forms bind to the cell surface receptor to activate enzymes that have antiviral, antiproliferative, and immune-modifying properties. Work in 2006 with FIV affected cats showed that the published low dose oral protocol improved both clinical signs and survival times, although there was no decrease in viral load. 1. Original Article Treatment of Adult T-Cell Leukemia-Lymphoma with Zidovudine and Interferon Alfa O. Hermine and Others Editorial Alcohol and Blood Pressure — A Drink a Day . Not all dosage forms and strengths are appropriate for all indications; refer to product labeling for details. Interferon alfa-2b is an antiviral or antineoplastic drug. Interferon alfa-2b at doses ≥10 million units/m2is associated with a moderate emetic potential; antiemetics may be recommended to prevent nausea and vomiting. Zouboulis C C, Orfanos C E. Treatment of Adamantiades–Behcet disease with systemic interferon alfa. It was developed at Biogen, and ultimately marketed by Schering-Plough under the trade name Intron-A. It is injected into the base of each wart, preferably via a … Interferon alfa-2b has the same mechanism of action as the natural form of interferon that is secreted by white blood cells in response to a viral infection. Interferon alpha-2B is an Effective Treatment Option for Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease Regardless of Plaque Location by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation , please contact us or call/text: 1-646-663-4050 . We describe here the effects of treatment with interferon (IFN)-α2b in a cohort of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wuhan, China. It also may not prevent the spread of hepatiti… In a retrospective analysis of 441 consecutive patients treated with interferon alfa and ribavirin, 25% of patients discontinued treatment because of adverse reactions [21]. The therapy mainly consists of stimulating the immune system to help it do its job more effectively. Interferon alfa-2b mechanism of action. . The first one was Beta Interferon in Japan, and the second one was the family of Alpha Interferon by Genetec in California, according to the Cuban doctor. This is a type of treatment that mobilizes the body's immune system to fight cancer. It is used as adjuvant therapy in adults who have had surgery and have a high risk of recurrent cancer. More About Recombinant Interferon Alfa-2b Interferon alpha is a protein important for defense against viruses. or a combination of IFN-α2b plus arbidol. Immunotherapy is treatment that stimulates the body's immune system to detect and kill cancer cells. Interferon treatments have been studied against coronaviruses including MERS-CoV, SARS-Cov-1 and now SARS-CoV-2 (the causative agent … Interferon alfa-2b injection is used to treat a number of conditions. However, heightened levels of serum interferon alpha and expression of interferon response genes are common in lupus patients. To treat CML, this drug is most often given as a daily injection (shot) under the skin. Why are Interferon Alphas prescribed? Interferon alfa-2b was produced by the Havana-based Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center and over the years has been used for diseases from dengue fever to Hepatitis and HIV. This meta-analysis will summarize the results of studies on the effectiveness of peginterferon as HDV treatment regimen. Interferon-alpha is the type most often used in treating chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Infrequently, patients receiving INTRON A therapy developed thyroid abnormalities, either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. In this uncontrolled, exploratory study, 77 adults hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 were treated with either nebulized IFN-α2b (5 mU b.i.d. Rintatolimod is double stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) designed to mimic viral infection by stimulating immune pathways that … More information: Qiong Zhou et al, Interferon-α2b Treatment for COVID-19, Frontiers in Immunology (2020).DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2020.01061 Interferon alphas are used to treat leukemia, melanoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Kaposi's Sarcoma, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HPV. Many clinicians also use the low dose oral protocol to treat cats with FeLV and FIP with the goal of improving clinical signs and q… It activates immune responses that help to clear viral infection. It is a recombinant form of the protein Interferon alpha-2 that was originally sequenced and produced recombinantly in E. coli in the laboratory of Charles Weissmann at the University of Zurich, in 1980.