And now after a year my device doesn’t work and I can’t find how to stop my monthly subscription. I used Kardia Band with Apple Watch Series 3. In the business of hearts we look at the p wave to make sure the Atrium (top part of the heart pumps) the QRS complex the depolarization of the ventricles of the heart and the T wave of the heart tracing is the re-polarization of the ventricle. This lets me screen for afib, and it has come in handy more than once. Hello Tessybear I am currently managing my P-AF myself with lifestyle changes and medication. The helpful support staff tried hard to work with me, but to no avail. Unfortunately, when the app doesn’t get a signal, you have no idea whatsoever why it isn’t working. The abnormal readings are not clear re interpretation. Spent very frustrating 1/2 hour trying to take my first Kardia reading with the Kardia app telling me “it could not connect to my (iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.2) microphone and to k*** all apps that used the microphone or speakers”. Apple will be coming out with their own soon so wait for there’s I can’t afford another 10 bucks a month. Feel your body and mind relax, and your heart rate vary in harmony with your breath. The 1st regular s**** lasted less a year, the second one 4 months and the watch band dead on arrival. Not a great start. However it takes less than a minute and is so simple to use (once you get the hang of it). I searched for this app & thought I did my due diligence before downloading; obviously, I either missed something or the info wasn’t there. You can only save after entering all, so this makes no sense; and did not change the result. Detect AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, or Normal Heart Rhythm in just 30 seconds. To get an ECG you have to use your phone or tablet but you can get an instant 'check' on the spot on the LCD screen. At cardiologist as I write this. Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2018. Disclosure: is not affiliated in any way including development, production, management, marketing, design, or otherwise with any iOS app. Helped my doctor diagnose and treat me. readings. Somebody is wrong!! I redownloaded the Kardia app from the Apple App Store , deleted it off my Watch and reinstalled it. Good readings, easy to set up and the interface is user friendly. I paid almost $100 for the finger sensor and loved using it. With my self the Kardia device detected Afib 9/10 times with The Apple Watch Series 4 at 7/10. Then the stray false interpretations are likely to be more obvious. It`s the same as a Kardia except it also has a LCD screen - you don`t have to use Bluetooth and the app to get a result. You don't need to do that. Why can’t I just store these readings locally on my phone? Could a person have a heart attack trying to get this device to work?😞. 394 out of 853 found this helpful. Also it is a high battery consumption Configuration. There was no explanation except to tell me to enter the the year first, then month and date. Other than that the product works better than the Apple Gen 4 watch in my professional opinion. I don’t know if I got a good reading or not. I have high blood pressure and my pulse is all over the place randomly. Awesome device. I’m looking for something that will give me information on my qt interval. My phone is on me all the time but I don’t want to have to carry my giant iPad around all the time, especially when I’m a full time mechanic. This little gizmo is amazing. I've only the Kardia mobile for a day, but so far it looks to be a brilliant device, so far: 1) I had it working and measuring within a minute of taking it out of the box once I had downloaded the app and set up a free account with Kardia. The Kardia measurement on my iPhone tells me the measurement is outside of their scope! I really like this device. I do not like to login every time I want to use the app... even with out closing it! Now you cannot see your heart rate graph in landscape mode and now for only one week intervals - not for the last fourteen days as the previous version. After you have unpacked the monitor and successfully installed the app on your phone, you can follow these steps to record an EKG: Open the Kardia app on your phone by tapping on the application icon; Tap the “record EKG” button I highly recommend this! The whole point of buying the band was that feature. I bought the premium membership. New update has bricked this feature. I got one when I bought my new Apple Watch and use it 3+ times daily, sometimes more so I have a very accurate record of my heart issues to show my doctor. I’ve had it 3 months and can’t get a reading. I have Atrial Fibrilation and with the Kardia app I could see what my heart was doing. 🤬. Not effective immediately after exercise when bpm is above 100. He stated that if I can supply these reports for a few months indicating no AFIB, he’d order a heart monitor for 30 days and if that resulted in all clear, he’d remove blood thinner..... The Kardia Mobile EKG device is a great way to monitor your heart health. Receive regular ECG reviews, automatically share heart data with family, and more. So I sent 1-2-3 emails about my problem and I’m still waiting to hear from them. all over the place. I LOVE this app! After the “30 day trail period” is over I cannot see the results of my EKG. As easy as its marketing portrays. Apple activity app shows distorted readings when Kardia band app is running. iOS 12. This device catches a ‘Snapshot’ of your heart rhythm. So keep that in mind when you purchase your far cheaper Kardia device. The EKG doesn’t work which makes my $200 investment worthless. I suspect AF but not as I knew it before my ablation. Too many unclassified readings when rhythm is normal and rate is in range. If they want to offer subscriptions to evaluations by physicians, etc. My doctor suggested I purchase Kardia to keep track of my heart’s health. With all the subscriptions that are chipping away at the bank account. And the Kardia wrist band is made out of cheap material. However it monitors every beat my heart makes. I have written very few reviews for products, but I believe strongly that Kardia is an excellent tool for people with Afib. For those of you giving it one star or two stars it’s because you’re using the watch band. You’re in afib! PS I use my Kardia with an Ipad, it makes reading the recording easy for my old eyes. Hope AppleWatch 4 kills their business, given their bait and switch tactics, that’s utterly deserved. that’s fine; changing basic functionality into premium subscription-only functionality after a purchase has been made, that’s unacceptable. Verified Purchase. The KardiaBand sensor module is an impressive feat of engineering. I'd love one of those, when it is available. This device is excellent and helps my family feel better that I can check on myself! I have been using Kardia for a year and it is essential to my heart health. Usually your heart is beating a lot faster than that during afib. If you need help downloading the Kardia watch app to your Apple watch, check this article. If you are concerned then it's always worth taking several readings over half an hour say, before going for help. I couldn’t see the heart rate or reading at all. I recommend it highly! Not useable for athletic resting heart rate because it can’t read below 50 bpm. I don’t always leave it running. I bought the product and thought that the readings would be sent to the app which had a way to determine if you are having a cardiac event. They gave me a clean bill of health. The microphone permissions expect a list of applications which you mark has being allowed. ‎Kardia works with the FDA-cleared KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaBand EKG devices—-the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution available to consumers. I was thrilled when the app opened up and gave me the following message However, I was a little puzzled as I was not aware that setting up Smart Rhythm was a requirement to utilize the ECG recording aspect of Kardia Band. 1. I’m having difficulty SINKING my Omron BP MONITOR TO THE Kardia unit. It’s effectively a KardiaMobile in a much, much smaller size. For the Kardia care You don't have to have the bluetooth function on just to take a reading as that is how I do mine all the time so I don't have to have the radiation field on with the phone. Can’t connect to clinicians for analysis. Having this has helped diagnose my A Fib. My iPad works but I didn’t spend $100 on this device to carry my iPad at work all the time in case I don’t feel okay. That why I got it... so far not to impressed. 2) Instructions are very minimal - you don't need any. I do appreciate the rate measurement when I am in AFIB. Very useful device as long as you are not the type of person who would use it obsessively. And, I question why I’m paying for no correspondence or records! This is the device to do that. At least I know when my afib returns I`ll be on the ball (the device will alert me) and will see my GP right away. This confirms it with a record to share with my cardiologist. He could see what was happening to my heart on a regular basis. I can’t even view my first recording until some stranger does? Pay for the service..get ahead of your afib problem...and continue living! I am beyond the 30 day return and also purchased a recommended blood pressure cuff that can transfer results directly to the app. I highly reconmend it - very impressed (and I don’t work for Apple!). Reply Like (0) Save post Report used it obsessivley for a year, woriied about everything it told me. With an Apple 2 watch, I was hoping this would work. I have refused an ablation . I still have to use it- I’m waiting on the first MD reading- so I’m excited to see how it works- I will change my rating depending on how well it works. I believed I downloaded over 300 apps and purchased over 500k on products between online and amazon, and this is the second time I leave a review. It’s stupid! It’s a lifesaver. RIP! I bought the Kardia band to be able to take ECG on the Apple Watch; with the new version, all the watch app does is display a screen saying “This is a premium feature...” Please get us an update ASAP that corrects this issue. This is Kardia by AliveCor™— the proactive approach to heart health. If you have a need to monitor your heart’s rhythm, this device delivers pure peace of mind—accurate, incredibly portable, and supremely helpful (in transmitting results to your doctor). I’ve used Kardia to verify what I could only speculate. Horrendous! They have recently come out with a 6 lead version, which will give a more complete assessment of your heart. I use it once a day now to see if I am in afib. Many thanks! That seems like a pretty comprehensive plan. Kardia will not acknowledge my EKG in this heart rate range. Bought this after lapsing into A-Fib (for the second time). The cloud is supposed to add to the service not be the primary means. tracking my Afib. My cardiologist sent me to the ER. I’ve had the Kardia about a month to monitor SVT. No other app interferes with the watch function. Marvelous!!! Would be nice to eval more than existence of a fib. Hope AppleWatch 4 kills their business, given their bait and switch tactics, that’s utterly deserved. It will simply cause extra stress, anxiety, and drains your bank account. I cannot say enough good things about Kardia. Advice. Great bit of kit especially whilst trying to get a diagnosis but do be aware many people become OCD by it. Why is it that I can buy medical advice in this app not using apple. Let’s me know if I have a problem. The watch band does NOTHING once you stop the subscription. Contacted support through a series of emails with detailed troubleshooting I performed to demonstrate the issue. Almost every EKG has an abnormal startup reading before it seems to actually record the rhythm and rate properly. I found the kardia device to be very helpful when I was having an afib or aflutter episode that differed from the usual. I have a Kardia and it is excellent, however sometimes by the time I have paired it up with my phone and started the EKG the AF has subsided. ... iOS/Android App to transfer, review, store, print and share the professional reports on smart phones. Addresses all the reported weaknesses of Omron’s app, which caused me concern when purchasing. The Kardia is highly recommended though - IMO it`s worth having one or the other. I do have a-fib and it records that if not “unclassified”. I now have an AppleWatch accessory, that I can only use with my iPhone, and that unreliably. Only a few Normal readings in the time I have had it. Duh, someone should be fired. Kardia captured my afib when all other techniques failed. Notification right after setup saying this is a trial. First time recording must come from a separate purchase record pad. Let the buyer beware. Also had to calculate my height in centimeters. No need to guess if you have an irregular heart rhythm. If you take your pills early and check them off, it will still remind you at the appointed time. I can not speak to customer service because, I understand healthcare, it is protected health information they are dealing with so they must treat the entire situation carefully. So, I am out of the money for the device, new cuff which I did not need and premium membership for the period. family with heart issues's Review of Kardia, My father, boyfriend, and boyfriends father all have a fib and it works perfectly for them! It constantly says to creat your first EKG. I can’t get this thing to work. So typical of many apps! Beware before spending $200 I try this on android 9 and I get good signal, on iOS 12 I get no/weak signal all the time ;(. I like to keep a record of my obvious 'episodes' to monitor any changes of frequency and duration and my Kardia helps me do this. The reason I got this 100.00 device is because my heart rate was all over the place, then when it is 51 then goes to 108 it says it’s not within my normal range and can’t read this reading....what? Someone posted about a new 6-lead version which is shortly to go on sale in the US. The whole point of buying the band was that feature. It hasn`t let me down yet and the ECG's always seem to match the hospitals. 2. But registers a lot of interference and false readings due to artifact interference. So wonderful to have EKG type system to show if my heartbeat is normal or has slipped back to AFib or not. I wanted to see if my irregularity was occurring all the time or if it was just whilst I was maybe anxious at the doctors. It can become obsessive / compulsive. Oh also got the finger pads. You may think you know when you are or are not in a-fib but this device will verify it for you. This is a valuable device and cost effective. This is the fourth time today I siphoned out my Sinuses to be able to breath properly and relieve pressure in the right sinus cavity. I’m very impressed. Five star rating. Any future upgrades for recognizing other arrhythmias?? It’s supposed to spot afib episodes, but it can’t interpret past 100 beats per minute. I’m sure if I pony up the cash it would work. I reached out to Kardia about the band not working after the free trial. They won’t answer but will direct you to message. I bought the Kardia band to be able to take ECG on the Apple Watch; with the new version, all the watch app does is display a screen saying “This is a premium feature...” Kardia is integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit. … I can recommend it and have been recommending it to my friends. Throughout the episode which lasts many hours I do the occasional Kardia check to make sure my heart rate isn't getting too high say above 150 . I’d love to hear reviews from anyone out there using it. At the hospital I was routinely checked-out. Glad I got it! Works find with the app on the phone. But, the rest of the app disappoints which is not good considering that they charge $10/month to use it. Kardia May make removal of this med possible! This conclusion is too vague and not helpful. What a joke! You need a $10 monthly subscription plan to use the Kardia band on the watch. There is a new Withings watch due to come out this summer, which is a step counter or activity monitor along the lines of a FitBit, but has an analogue face and a one year replaceable battery, and which also has a Kardia type device built into it. The new upgrade eliminates the feature I found very helpful. This device will let me know where I am until then. The Kardia app offers SmartRhythm – a monitoring feature to use during your workouts. Good riddance! Didn’t have high hopes based on previous devices. The worse part is there appears to be no one home on the support side of the project. Rated 4 stars initially since Kardia app did take first reading successfully BUT should have suggested Bluetooth OFF option to enable first (& future?) THE FDA NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY FOR POSSIBLE VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL LAW. I also really like the fact that I can have a health care professional review any questionable reading. First EKG is Free. This is why the cloud is so annoying. If you’re debating on getting this like I did, don’t. The Kardia app offers SmartRhythm – a monitoring feature to use during your workouts. I would just email them my Kardia EKG s**** and the Cardiologist was very appreciative. I’ve been using a similar device called SnapECG same principle and the results I got were pretty accurate compared to the ECG I had at my GP. The report can be viewed in the Kardia app by following the steps below: Open the Kardia App and select the History tab, then select "See EKG History". Will install and run on iPad Pro but will not turn on mic so you can do your cardigram. If my pulse is over100 it reads as unclassified and I have to pay to get it read. My AF is now being managed by rate... My Kardia arrived today and while it records my pulse the ECG keeps coming back as unclassified What. After purchasing the hardware it was learned that it will cease to function unless a premium account is funded. Background on myself as professional Bad update broke the heart rate monitor. When I try to launch it on my watch it just crashes. Simple and easy to use. This is fantastic technology but it should NOT replace the watch face. I didn’t know it was a continuation problem until I got the Karda. I use a Beurer. I’ve endorsed Kardia to several of my friends and they have purchased. Great tool . Can’t live without Kardia. Bought Kardia and had too many "heartbeat needs to be between 50 to 100 unable to tell" this is when my heart rate resting was about 68-70. Was this article helpful? I like the idea of apple being my single pay solution. Able to take an ekg and send it to my cardiologist, monitor my symptoms- excellent in all respects. Good riddance! Currently, the one available here can record one lead only but you can adapt your points of contact with it to have 3 different outcomes. And is accurate. Well worth the cost. In 2019, AliveCor released the KardiaMobile 6L. Very accurate I check my afib frequently. Very reassuring. Dont activate the app before you receive the i did as i will loose 2 weeks of that trial subscription... i did install the app before i purchase the devise to make sure the app was compatible with my phone since the web site of Kardia could not tell me … Doctor therefore wants me to stay on two meds, one of which is a blood thinner. More importantly, I did not have to explain over the telephone how I was feeling. I can never depend on it working. The commitment that comes with the Kardia Mobile is really simple. Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked. A glitch in the App would not save my actual birth date and year combination. “It is an accurate, informational, cost effective tool providing peace of mind for both me and my family as well as an important medical diagnostic and communication tool between me and my cardiology team”. Required to buy additional equipment. I have got myself one and it is amazing. may be paid for any app purchases made by users of our website. What a joke! No report ever forwarded for my review. Kardia proved him wrong because I had history saved on my phone to show him what my heart was doing on a daily basis. This product works flawlessly. I start each day by taking my vitals. Pairing Omron, the best BP Cuff, with Kardia was a fantastic move by Alivecor. Why is that so hard? Would not recommend to anyone. Neither one of them gets an accurate reading the first time you try it. Requires that I remove my Bluetooth hearing aids and open the battery doors (turns off hearing aids) or it won’t work. If you are buying this because you know how to read an EKG and expect to know if you should call the paramedics do not plan on being able to use this device for who knows how long. Nothing I have tried will allow me to set the permissions requested. Now can’t send this!! Nope! SmartRhythm gathers data from your heart rate and Apple Watch to predict your heart rate during intense workouts. It fits in your pocket and is perfect for travelling. Normally, an issue like this may not be considered major, but the idea of this app and device is to provide a measurement of a medical condition and it depends on programming. If they want to offer subscriptions to evaluations by physicians, etc. It’s called “bait and switch”. For that price, I expect the whole thing to be well-done. The signal strength said poor despite being smack dab next to my phone. I’ve taken 10 readings and it’s crashed 4 times out of 10. The Kardia band is a nice concept too but they really need to improve the quality of the material used. Wired logo. If it shows a problem connect to your phone and get an ECG. Once received and set up I discovered anything over 100BPM is out of device range and is not indicative of actual heart/electrical impulse performance. I purchased the service for EKG and it does not work. I also have a top of the line Medtronic pacemaker device in my chest that was placed for post conversion pause. Please fix! Can’t do without it. I already had a Dropbox account so I 'email' my recordings to that and they can then be viewed on my phone, tablet and pc and also sent of to the EP when appropriate. They think I was having pvc or pac and Kardia gave a false positive for Afib. Tried the chat line and they said they were too busy...send an email. Now, if I feel as though my pulse is irregular I simply touch the app on the watch face and hold a button on the watch and a 30 second ECG is sent to my iphone and saved automatically - I can then forward a copy on via email to my cardiologist if need be. Maybe once a week would be enough. But, like others have pointed out, I can’t use it since I updated the app yesterday. You don’t need both, and you won’t have either unless you pay a monthly subscription rate. Of course it has limitations, like trying to catch the irregular ectopic or my AF trigger, had to resort to 24 hr holter for that. Now if only they can get the cheapskates to stop being so short sighted. Now we can treat it correctly. I love the kardia band and the kardia finger pods. I can’t buy a book on audible app. Only complaint, need to get the word out to Physicians, both of my cardiologists were impressed and are now recommending the sensor to their patients, but had never heard of it! To record any EKG on any given day it takes at least 10 to 20 attempts before you get an analysis. This is an upgraded version of the original KardiaMobile. Someone should file a class action suit against Kardia. I do like it so far. I have talked to a cardiologist who has strongly recommended I use the kardia app to monitor my heart. I’ve followed procedures closely and it still won’t work. It is available in US. thank you. I have used it several times and it works great. My cardiologist eagerly grabbed my phone from my hands and started ploughing through the recordings delighted to have these data. It is easy to use and send to be accurate. Why sell a KardiaBand, promising users the ability to take an ECG with the AppleWatch, just to go and castrate the software in a subsequent release? Previous review Frequency of reading has tailed off since my cardiologist was unable to get the results on line. Kardia Mobile will wirelessly communicate with the Kardia app to let you know if your EKG is normal or if atrial fibrillation (AF) is detected. I am running iOS 12.1.1, the latest release. I wish I could remove my info! The quality of the ECG is wonderful. So grateful for this device. I have talked to a cardiologist who has strongly recommended I use the kardia app to monitor my heart. The Kardia app, paired with Kardia Mobile, is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) recordings. The premium version is a little pricey, but well worth it if you are prone to afib. I am giving two stars instead of one because I have am able to use the Apple Watch for readings and they seem consistent. From my understanding, all Kardia is an FDA approved device, designed to look at a tracing created by you the user creating a tracing by creating a ‘circuit’. Hope they fix it soon!! Get it if you can. It is also a great addition to any backcountry medical kit! I have a plan that if I get to 18 hours and am still in AF I would then have nil by mouth for 6 hours and with my Kardia readings as proof of the duration of my episode seek medical help. You couldn’t let me view it, too?!!!?? First EKG is Free. The signal would flash briefly and fail. Should be able to read below the 50 BPM heart rate! In the method it is obtained it is not considered ‘ideal’ When you see your any doctor they obtain a 12 lead ECG/EKG for the purpose of this review we will call it a (tracing) they hook 10 wires to you, and call it a 12 lead. AliveCor KardiaMobile Logo. It works in conjunction with the individual’s smartphone. It’s useless. He has now relocated. Medtech innovation briefing [MIB35] Published date: 05 August 2015. But it took many, many tries to connect. I, myself, didn't need a device to tell me I was having irregular beats since I can feel every one of them, but it was helpful to send the tracings to the doctor if I was concerned. When I turn my wrist I don’t want to see the Kardia app unless it is reminding me to take an EKG per my settings or it detects a heart beat anomaly. Afib can be sporadic and hard to catch in a clinical setting. I returned it. It lacks a way to delete a reading. I totally agree with Bob. I am already anticoagulated so if medial intervention is required I am prepared. When the app works, I’ll be glad to increase the rating. I was surprised after purchasing Apple Watch Series 4 that they do not support that version. Supposed to work free unless you want to save ekgs or send to doc.... I’ll probably die from a fib trying to get it to work. It may not be exactly the same as what the doctors use, but it is amazing. I didn’t keep close track, but the monthly reports seemed to stop for a period of time, and the one I just received is an extremely concise (condensed) “summary report.”