The federation platform, which sits on top of the OSS, takes data from multiple sources and brings it into a single view that allows operations engineers and staff to be more efficient, respond to customer service calls faster, and resolve design and provisioning issues using optimized processes. The discovered network data can also be federated with other OSS data to gain the most accurate view of the network. Blue Planet owns and deploys technologies across waste life cycle, from collection to upcycling, to reduce negative impact and increase recovery. The Blue Planet Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS) solution can identify and correct discrepancies between network resources and OSS inventory. With the unified network view, Blue Planet's Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS) solution enables real-time planning, ordering and troubleshooting. With federation, operators can leverage their existing investments in OSS while making their data more cohesive and easily accessible—hence more valuable. Just a few months ago, I told you about our acquisition of Packet Design, a move that added Layer 3 network automation and optimization to our Blue Planet portfolio. Blue Planet provides a resource-efficient, end-to-end waste management services. Visualization of the network and service resources can be customized to be consistent with existing tools, so personnel do not have to be retrained. In totality, it was able to modernize its operations and save substantial costs by obsoleting its legacy inventory systems. Read more. Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, announces a new intelligent inventory automation solution that gives service providers a unified view of network and service inventory, helping to eliminate costly and tedious manual processes, according to the company.. No need to rip and replace. We provide sage business advice based on more than 40 years of operating experience, M&A experience, and organization and people development. Blue Planet's mission is focused on delivering sustainable and socially inclusive end-to-end environmental solutions. Is your legacy inventory system slowing down your automation strategy? With Ciena’s Adaptive Network™, our Blue Planet® Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS) solution federates OSS/BSS data from multiple sources and synchronizes this data with network discovery results from multi-vendor elements to produce a single up-to-date data model. Blue Planet is a comprehensive software suite combining federated inventory, multi-domain service orchestration, and AI-powered analytics with route optimization and assurance in a single open platform. Taking a modern approach to inventory management doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Shop … Blue Planet, which Ciena bought in 2015, is becoming more of a standalone business in order to focus on "intelligent automation." Journey to Georgia in 360° The people who listen to whales. As a solution, federation is proven to be faster, less costly, and less risky than data migrations to net-new systems. Press Contacts: Nicole Anderson Ciena Corporation (877) 857 -7377. Over time—once operators gain a comfort level with the federated platform—they may choose to eliminate some of the underlying legacy inventory systems altogether in favor of a single inventory system. Armed with a comprehensive view of the network, operators can enact requisite actions on the specific source system from the centralized interface. For example, a technician who once had to swivel to five or six different systems to address an end-customer issue can now access the federated platform to view the affected service path and investigate potential root causes. Blue Planet Unveils Disruptive Inventory Automation Solution. We offer new and used boards, rentals, foils, surfboards, Stand Up Paddleboards and surf accessories. Could you handle 500 hours in a sub? Today, we closed on the acquisition of DonRiver, which specializes in federated inventory management … This enables the business to embark on business-critical strategies without adversely impacting user efficiency, requiring additional training, or affecting customers. The Blue Planet INS solution will help to eliminate expensive and tedious manual processes. This foundation enables value-add applications such as network discovery and data reconciliation, network planning, assurance, and dynamic inventory. That means quicker rollout of customer services—with ongoing high service quality. Blue Planet Inventory's architecture enables federation of multiple data sources. Action, wonder, and wave after wave of exquisite photography were the keynotes of Blue Planet II. Federation aligns with existing business processes by integrating its inputs and outputs with existing systems through open APIs. Manufacturer and developer of carbon aggregates and carbon capture technology intended to reduce the impact of carbon on the planet. No more manual swivel-chair. Read more. HANOVER, Md. Blue Planet software development and services experts are ready to help you deploy BPI software into your specific operational environment and get you started on the transformation to automated operations. Open Ocean Episode 3. All rights reserved. Take advantage of Blue Planet’s flexible implementation options: consume BPI in an elastic Software as a Service (SaaS) model, or deploy BPI in the cloud or on-premise. Find boho clothing, beach fashion, Blue Life®, For Love and Lemons, Indah, Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Sundry, One Teaspoon, Nightcap and more at our California clothing boutique. As shown in Figure 1, different types of datasets can be federated from different systems, including physical inventory, alarms, services, and performance metrics. Learn more about Blue Planet intelligent automation software. The Blue Planet Inventory and Network Synchronization (INS) solution is intended to reduce order-to-service fallout by up to 40% and speed up the trouble-to-resolve process by up to 30%, according to Blue Planet estimates based on customer data. Federate data from multiple inventory and operational systems into a single user interface to dramatically reduce swivel-chair operations, achieving greater levels of operational efficiency. Blue Planet II Official Trailer 2 - BBC Earth. Bohemian clothes and vintage inspired styles at Planet Blue®. Copyright © 2020 Ciena Corporation. Fish are the sex-changing masters. Furthermore, operators can perform network discovery to capture the real-time state of network resources, as well as the logical services running over that infrastructure. We often get requests for help with strategies for top-line … No need to rip and replace. Build upon your current OSS assets by collecting operational data, synchronizing it with dynamic network information, and using it to drive automated business … — October 8, 2019. With Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) you can set your own pace by federating all the valuable data from existing Operational Support Systems (OSS) and your multi-vendor network into a single source of truth. Built on a microservices-based architecture, the combined capabilities help significantly reduce human effort, while letting you intelligently and efficiently manage … Using Blue Planet Inventory (BPI), the CSP was able to be the first to market with an SD-WAN offer in North America and has radically improved efficiency of its network operational staff across multiple domains: SD-WAN, IP transport and cable access. At Blue Planet Power, we help CEOs in the power, marine, and industrial markets to improve their performance and efficiency taking into account business strategy, technology, and people. Blue Planet Technologies General Information Description. “The Blue Planet team understands the challenges of having multiple, legacy inventory systems and the adverse impact on business processes.By gaining a single view of our network assets and systems, INS is an optimal way to transition to automated operations which ultimately drives greater agility and stronger customer satisfaction.”, Kevin Coyne, Chief Operating Officer, FiberLight, “Our customers increasingly want a very simple and seamless experience when working with us, similar to how they interact with everyday consumer digital offerings. The single source of truth for operational data, Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), Featured Article: Implementing real-time service assurance, a customer case study from Crown Castle. The latest Blue Planet Investment Trust plc (BLP) Ordinary 1p share price (BLP). We accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, Payoneer, Dwolla, Payza, Western Union and your Personal/Business Check. 12 were here. That leaves a lot of room for error and creates complex workflows that take a long time to complete. Posted October 8th, 2019 for Ciena. Our technology has the ability to change lives and industries for the better, so it is only natural that we feel compelled to make a better world for all. With automation from Blue Planet, we are able to execute on our customer-first strategy by building a network that is fast and dependable—and enables them to have greater control.”, Kevin Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Vocus Group. Blue Planet Direct accepts your credit/debit card and check directly. All rights reserved. Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), Featured Article: Implementing real-time service assurance, a customer case study from Crown Castle. Most people know that athletes tend to seek out the services of an experienced physiotherapist to help with sports injuries and to help with their… Since the federation platform resides on top of existing systems, solutions can be deployed within a matter of months. Multiple Waste Streams. The software federates network data from multiple inventory and assurance systems to provide a unified view of the current state of both physical resources (network devices) and logical resources (customer services). Operations personnel have to use different siloed systems for different processes, such as service ordering, network planning, and troubleshooting. Federation allows network providers to decouple business processes from the underlying OSS, which can be very powerful. Create an up-to-date, comprehensive view of all multi-vendor network resources—physical and virtual—and multi-layer services through network discovery and reconciliation, improving operations accuracy and reducing effort. The interface is engineered to be user-friendly using the latest Web technologies. Leverage BPI’s open APIs to streamline and automate key operational processes such as network planning, service fulfillment, and service assurance—reducing lead times and increasing customer satisfaction. Federated Architectures define common or shared architecture standards across autonomous program areas, enabling, e.g., state government entities to maintain diversity and uniqueness, while providing interoperability. Network planning, service fulfillment, and service assurance processes can be completed with a few clicks.

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