English words for baso include glass, tumbler, assay, spleen, drinking glass, aim, trial, try, analysis and examination. Look it up now! New EKG Monitor Quiz. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of this blood test, as well as how to interpret the results. It was used earlier in a sense of "index finger"… See definitions of teacher. Look up the origin of the ff: Lapis, titser, baso, kotse 1 See answer Gwenesponilla18 Gwenesponilla18 Pencil,teacher,cup,car New questions in English. Ultrasound. The Legend of the Horse (Original translation of Filipino fiction) Once upon a time, there's a couple living happily and peacefully even without any children. Basophil definition is - a basophilic substance or structure; especially : a white blood cell containing basophilic granules that is similar in function to a mast cell. Baso- definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. All information is for educational purposes only. A basophil is a white blood cell that performs various functions in the body. The baso blood test measures the number of basophils within a blood sample. 20181016. For medical care please contact a qualified healthcare provider. Find more Filipino words at wordhippo.com! In some senses perhaps from Old French bague, which is also from Germanic. help help help help help help thank you po in advance why stage presence is important? The couple names were Ayong and Karing. OED rejects connection to other Germanic words for "bellows, belly" as without evidence and finds a Celtic origin untenable. Basophils get their name from the combination of two Greek words. Free online lessons. IFRizal did retract, how will this impact his reputation as a … Baso-Prefix Definition: base, bottom Example: basophil Alternate Notation: bas/o. Its texture is similar to the Chinese beef ball, fish ball, or pork ball.The word bakso may refer to a single meatball or the complete dish of meatball soup.Mie bakso refers to bakso served with yellow noodles and rice vermicelli, while bakso kuah refers to bakso soup served without noodles. 4. Bakso or baso is an Indonesian meatball, or a meat paste made from beef surimi. Youth slang originating in the ends of Smithdown Rd, L'pool when 'basically' is just too long to say Baso means “foundation” and phil means “to love.” In other words, even though these while blood cells are the most rare, they are the foundation that your body loves to build upon to fight off inflammation and disease. TEACHER Meaning: "one who teaches," c. 1300; agent noun from teach (v.). About. EKG Monitor Quiz. This website is intended for use by medical professionals.

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