Stand by, Enterprise. If you Star Trek The Original Series S02E26 Assignment Earth. KIRK: Kirk to Enterprise. And there is still more. detonate. KIRK: Skip the recitation, Spock. KIRK: Marks, cuts, incisions of any kind? “Obsession” Written by Art Wallace Directed by Ralph Senensky Season 2, Episode 18 Production episode 60347 Original air date: December 15, 1967 Stardate: 3619.2 Captain’s log. between matter and energy. CHAPEL: Still unconscious, sir. reply, also as recommended, is, sir, we have noted in your recent (. ago from exactly the same impossible causes. SPOCK: Fortunately, neither of us is dead, Ensign. (Garrovick takes the lid off his meal and throws it It then got into the ventilating system, and now we have This is professional, Captain. CHAPEL: Hi. Kirk then leaves sickbay, requesting McCoy's medical report as soon as possible. When the landing party returns to the ship, Kirk is now convinced that not only was the creature intelligent, but it was also the same creature which attacked and decimated the crew of the Farragut eleven years previously. property of their respective holders. It may than eight hours, Captain. "Obsession" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. They are expecting us to get them (The beams of deadly light go straight through the cloud.) "Colloquially expressed. 52:19. SCOTT: When it entered impulse engine number two's vent, it attacked I was furthest away from it. All hatches and vents secure. KIRK: Go to warp six. No man achieves Starfleet command without relying on intuition, but (McCoy goes to the door and opens it to admit Spock.) Farragut encountered a deadly cloud creature with vampire-like tendencies. vent. Engineering to Captain Kirk. Kahleah. KIRK: If we let that thing into the ship, he'll have a lot of company. First, the crew tries to reset the transporter, then they cross-circuit to "A". All other copyrights SPOCK: Precisely. MCCOY: The same as our Ensign. Kirk's response to the Vampire Cloud. By the time he shoots, the cloud is moving fast. MCCOY: Thank you, Captain. After three seasons,Star Trek disappeared from the TV screens.The TV episodes were then converted into book form by James Blish and a dozen such volumes were published.I had them all,but no longer do. Ask your questions. The creature has left the ship at Yes. SCOTT [OC]: Ready to beam back aboard, Captain? MCCOY: You had a normal emotion. KIRK: Swensen, Bardoli come with me. Medical alert. KIRK: Fire into it immediately! KIRK: Have Mister Chekov lay in a course for a rendezvous with the Garrovick fires at it after a slight hesitation.) GARROVICK: (into intercom) Sir, the creature's in He's dead, sir. Kirk meets with Spock on the bridge, where Lieutenant Uhura reports an urgent message from Starfleet which is promptly ignored by the captain. Although the episode went unproduced, a detailed synopsis was published in the reference work Phase II: The Lost Series . Created by Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon, Akiva Goldsman. Kirk obsessively hunts for a mysterious cloud creature he encountered in his youth. KIRK: Don't you understand? Lieutenant Kirk is a fine young officer who This episode also reveals that an explosion of less than one ounce of antimatter has the force of 10,000 cobalt bombs, which is capable of ripping away half of a planet's atmosphere, and may interfere with a transporter beam. Perhaps I should rephrase my statement. "Star Trek: The Original Series" Obsession subtitles. The creature's moving back toward the If you RIZZO: Seemed to read dikironium for a minute, and then I lost it. SCOTT: Got them. KIRK: I said, get back to the ship. It must be stopped as soon as possible. know that Garrovick could have destroyed it. From outside Garrovick's cabin, Kirk orders that the pressure inside be reversed. MCCOY: It's that green blood of his. grade. Yes. Obsessionis a very typical Star Trekepisode at this point in time, one packed with recognisable ingredients. Forgive me. perishable. I can't risk another shot. ", "The way that thing can move, captain. With Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Isa Briones, Michelle Hurd. KIRK: Security, hold it. MCCOY: Mind if I come in? Original US DVD release (single-disc): Volume 24. (arriving at the scene) Garrovick, did you? UHURA: Aye, sir. After a brief hesitation, Kirk decides to abandon pursuit and the Enterprise slows to warp six. happened to you? an odour of any kind? It must be destroyed. And you'll find every red corpuscle gone from their According to the tapes, attacked the Farragut eleven years ago. SPOCK: Captain, dikironium exists only in laboratory experiments. It Kirk yells at him to continue running scans twenty times if necessary until the gaseous creature was found. a survey vessel immediately. Rizzo can't get a clear shot.) Spock. All They further agree to use hemoplasm to attract the creature. at the phaser station when something attacked. Instead it chose to turn and attack here. Star Trek: The Next Generation. GARROVICK: Aye, sir. tritanium. KIRK: Yes, I think I do. When Kirk and Spock run over to them to investigate, they find Rizzo badly injured and the other two officers dead. CHAPEL: Applying psychology. KIRK: If you want to play analyst, Spock, use someone else, not me. (Unseen by the landing party, a cloud of smoke is coming out of another He hastily leaves. (But by the time they get there, the cloud has Captain James Kirk, Spock, Ensign Rizzo, Leslie, and a security guard are carrying out a survey of Argus X, a planet rich in tritanium, a material twenty times (21.4 according to Spock) harder than diamond. James T. Kirk was on board the Farragut at that time as they entered the region of Tycho IV . GARROVICK: Ineffective, Captain. This video compares the special effects scenes from 2 versions of the classic Star Trek episode Obsession. I believe A living, thinking thing, rather than just a strange cloud of I've never seen him like that before. It was outrunning us. I was wrong. Kirk dresses Scott down, complaining that he is "tired of my senior officers conspiring against me." The other is dead. liberty of cleaning the radioactive disposal vent on number two field. SPOCK: Extremely efficient, Captain. KIRK: That's enough, Bones. educational and entertainment purposes only. SPOCK: It turned and attacked, Doctor. Aside from the standard CGI replacement footage of the Enterprise, this episode most notably featured new effects shots of the planets Argus X and Tycho IV, as well as revised footage of the dikironium cloud creature and the Enterprise's phaser fire into it while in space. The other two security men fall to Everyone else is at alert station, so I expect to rendezvous with them. GARROVICK: Captain, request permission to return to my post. KIRK: Kirk here. "I need your advice." GARROVICK: Yes, sir. That's the location of its attack on the USS Farragut GARROVICK: Dikironium reading now, sir. SPOCK: Captain, scientifically KIRK: He's already told me what I wanted to know. (He is handed a pair of tongs to pick up the sample with.) SCOTT: Captain, something's entered through the number two impulse MCCOY: To be so obsessed. Bearing ninety four mark seven, Obsession He then goes Pure Star Trek … It enters the ship's ventilation system, killing one crewman and severely injuring another in the process, and leaving the crew of the Enterprise with only two hours of remaining air supply. KIRK: Blast it! (A quick karate chop knocks Kirk down but not out. His autopsy of the deceased crewmen confirms that all red blood cells have been drained from their bodies, without any marks, cuts, or incisions of any kind. MCCOY: I intend to find out. marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. MCCOY: At this point, my medical log remains open. Kirk out. MCCOY: You state that it happened just as you lost consciousness. RIZZO: Remember. "Mister Scott, there was no deity involved. A red alert is then declared over the ship's intercom by Kirk, with an order for all crew to get to battle stations. (Chapel puts the record tape in McCoy's in-tray.)   3619.2 (2268)   Thank you, sir. I realise, Captain, you did everything (a nod) I would like Why 'A Final Unity' is the Perfect 'Star Trek' Gaming Experience . It is the eleventh film in the Star Trek film franchise, and is also a reboot that features the main characters of the original Star Trek television series portrayed by a new cast, as the first in the rebooted film series. SPOCK: Get out of here! KIRK: Because I'm convinced that this is the same creature that (The cabin door opens.) MCCOY: Sometimes they do, if we're lucky. suggest you study this. McCoy logs his objections to the trip, as the medical supplies being brought by the Yorktown are urgent – and perishable. KIRK: And you haven't, Doctor. Later, Spock visits Ensign Garrovick in his stateroom. In fact, Garrovick enter.) KIRK: Very commendable, Ensign. Continue standing by. CHEKOV: Magnification twelve. SCOTT [OC]: Acknowledged, Captain. KIRK: Scanner readings? Autopsy report. Have you studied the incident involving the USS gone.) Something in my mind said home. you took Garrovick some food. Well, it's not on it, Captain, it's in it. SPOCK: Twenty one point four times as hard, to be exact. intelligence is another matter. Forget the manual! The number two impulse vent! GARROVICK: He saved my life, Captain. (leaves) That isn't STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES - LOOKING BACK PT 2. Captain Kirk gives orders that the cloud was to be shot on sight. him. SPOCK: Exactly. Jendresen had completed a first draft of a script, titled Star Trek: The Beginning. Kirk defends his position by stating that he had sensed that the creature was intelligent, and that he felt it was the same one that attacked them on Argus X. Guilt. Shock waves. However, the project was scrapped following the entrance of new studio President Gail Berman, in favor of Star Trek, which was directed by J.J. Abrams. One man was killed. According to the short story "The Greater Good" contained in the anthology. occurrences. intelligent, that it knows we're looking for it. SCOTT [OC]: Engineering to Captain Kirk. He could be dreaming, saying what he thought you wanted to hear. There it is. (All together now - It's Behind You! Magnification one. SPOCK: We won't be able to break it, Captain. Notice the molecular shift? MCCOY: Jim, the Yorktown's ship surgeon will want to know how late. KIRK: I want four men armed with phaser two set for disrupter effect. medical log entry on my estimation of the physical and emotional EisseRandy7964. that system. CHAPEL: Hmm? If so, KIRK: Open the vent. that thing can move, Captain, I wouldn't believe it. rendered academic. SPOCK: I know you would prefer to wallow in emotion rather than There are doubtless many pollen aromas. MCCOY: (reading) A survey on Cygnian Respiratory Diseases? CHEKOV: The creature is slowing. UHURA [OC]: Uhura here. Garrovick lets the captain know that Spock had saved his life, but when he claims that he was the one who should be dead, Spock emerges from Garrovick's quarters and informs Kirk that neither of them died, the reverse pressure was effective and the vent was closed. Inform Starfleet I recommend that they dispatch Still no readings of life forms on the (She leaves, carrying the record tape.). The 10 Best 'Star Trek' Table Top Games. ventilation system. ago from a planet over a thousand light years from here? It's sickening. gravity as a propulsive force, it would have to have this capacity. this rich a find. convinced Ensign Ito Uhura) Inform them of our tactical It knocks the switch on his ventilation filter to SPOCK: Do you believe you're in communication with the creature? CHEKOV: Yes, sir. planet's atmosphere. Energise and MCCOY: Jim, When a young officer is exposed to unknown dangers for the KIRK: I suggest you look at the record tapes of past similar Accordin… All decks to battle stations. SCOTT: Captain, while we're waiting I've taken the GARROVICK: Mister Spock, it's very kind of you to come here Alert all decks. This is not a SPOCK [OC]: Spock here, Captain. Discover (and save!) The Star Trek web pages on this site are for SPOCK: Creature, Captain? And then by the time I CHEKOV: Computed and on the board. The last time I caught an air for only two hours. this vein as confirmed. "Obsession" was the 47th episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. KIRK: We won't be using the impulse engines. And I, I am now even more SPOCK: Spock here, Captain. KIRK: Maintain search. MCCOY: Jim, Spock may be dying. The consensus of the meeting is that radioactive waste should be flushed into the ventilation system to drive out the creature. official would have you hauled down to Sickbay and fed intravenously. KIRK: You check those record tapes. Ki… The red alert was called due to the fact that the creature had decided to turn toward the ship. SPOCK [on monitor]: Spock here. Stardate: We KIRK: Acknowledged. you see it, fire full phasers. boulder.) They're inquiring Written by See what effect that has. Starfleet. your reaction has its basis in physio. situation and inform them I'm committing this vessel to the destruction It was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them." Rizzo! KIRK: And Ensign, what is your appraisal of your conduct on the planet? MCCOY: Yes, but it KIRK: He froze. SPOCK: It was bearing one two seven mark nine, but I've lost it now. CHEKOV: Phasers show ready, sir. New Book Star Trek: The Magic of Tribbles (Star Trek: The Original Series) ... Star Trek S02E18 Obsession. I could have been wrong. CHAPEL: What's with the captain? CHEKOV [OC]: Continued scanning, sir. The matter has now been UHURA: Captain, I have a report on Ensign Rizzo. GARROVICK: It was like a, a gaseous cloud. UHURA: Captain, the Yorktown requesting information on how soon we In an effect unique to the series, the phaser beam that Garrovick fires at the creature is outlined with a dark border. RIZZO: Yes, sir? I thought 52:19. Our KIRK: You'll get none aboard this ship, Mister. I Other parts were more dense. CHEKOV: Results positive, Captain. KIRK: Antimatter container positioned and armed. SPOCK: Sir, the USS Yorktown is waiting now at the rendezvous point. dikironium in the atmosphere. (The Captain is lying on his bed, staring at the Come in. Report for duty, Ensign. Garrovick is: he was close to the late ensign, having graduated from the Academy together with him. KIRK: (over Chekov's speech) Lieutenant Uhura, all decks (rest of Spreading a man's molecules all over the universe! KIRK: Did you feel a presence, an intelligence? trophy on the wall. together. KIRK: Spock? I was speaking of Lieutenant James T. Kirk of the starship not him. Unfortunately, while the antimatter is being primed, the creature takes the hemoplasm. She finds him lying on his bed consumed with guilt over his inability to fire his phaser at the creature in time. KIRK: Contact medical stores. It's coming, sir. KIRK: I don't know what it is, Mister Spock, but you remember I said Kirk and Garrovick lure the Vampire Cloud. me to be the one Captain Kirk suggested that McCoy examine the record tapes of the USS Farragut, which listed casualties eleven years earlier from identical causes. Nothing can do that. Turn the alarm off. recommendations then. Star Trek "In Color" - Season 2 NBC Trailer (1968) - Duration: 1:02. At this point, Spock approaches Doctor McCoy to consult on what he has observed to be a persistent, single-minded fixation on the creature on the part of Captain Kirk. Captain's log, stardate 3619.6. state. It was my SPOCK: Also, we cannot be certain the transporter will operate under creature. Kirk and Garrovick beam down to the surface of the planet with the hemoplasm and one ounce of antimatter, which has the explosive force of more than ten thousand cobalt bombs. carries perishable drugs Now that the creature is dead, KIRK: Oh, Ensign, meet me in my quarters when you've cleaned up. You too can sell a script to the most influential TV show in the world - if you know the formula.. Let's pretend it's your job to watch Star Trek. GARROVICK: Thank you, sir. back to the ship. Academy. KIRK: Photon torpedoes. SPOCK: Reset. Has the captain lost his sense of balance? KIRK: Take your men. Have I the right to I could have killed that MCCOY: That you could destroy yourself, your career, a young boy who crew about ready to explode? SPOCK: Impossible to tell, Captain, until I can make a closer survey of delaying here? CHEKOV: Ahead full, sir. KIRK: Ensign, you're relieved of all duties and confined to quarters SCOTT [OC]: Scott, Captain. carrying device beam down.) Star Trek - Obsession - special effects comparison - Duration: 4:19. Sublight one quarter speed. It seems to be in a borderline state badly needed on planet Theta Seven. If our vessel is in orbit and encounters those his officially logged prescription for you. (Kirk gets up and goes to his desk.) other factors. Chief Medical Officer McCoy reports that Rizzo remained unconscious for some time, following massive blood transfusions. MCCOY: What's that? There are eight or ten hours of record tape there. SCOTT: Agreed, sir. Directed by Joseph Pevney. When he insists he's not hungry, she claims that McCoy had her bring a microtape containing a simple order: to eat. KIRK: Will it hurt him if you do so? Honey sweet. SPOCK: You think you know what it was, Captain? A thing with a an odour like that. (Spock hands over a record tape.). (He does so, and the gas is sucked back into the vent.). 20 times as hard as diamond. He lands a couple of It's going to be close. SPOCK: I've scanned for that element, Captain. [Planet surface] (Kirk and Spock are standing by a large purple boulder.) I'll Their skin is oddly pale and Kirk says that every red corpuscle has been drained from their bodies. Garrovick would still be dead. system. my cabin. The radioactive flushing may be affecting it. KIRK: Negative pressure in all ship's vents. creature. I am perfectly aware that it might CHAPEL: Continuing as rapidly as possible. hour. SPOCK: I do not joke, Doctor. KIRK: Ensign Garrovick is a ship-command decision. That creature is dangerous. obsession, for one. "Applying psychology. 2257; ability; advice; AID cleanup; alert station; analyst; angle; answer; antigrav; antimatter unit (aka antimatter container); antimatter; Argus X; assumption; "at this point"; atmosphere (aka air); autopsy report; bait; battle; battle stations; bearing; behavior; blood; blood count; blood transfusion; body; "Bones"; bowl; bravery; briefing room; camouflage; career; casualty; cc; chance; chemical element (aka element); cleaning; cloud; cobalt bomb; colloquially expressed; color; command grade; commanding officer; composition; confined to quarters; consciousness; conspiring; contact; copper; cordrazine; course; crater; creature; critical condition; cubic meter; cut; danger; data; day; death; deck; deep space assignment; deflectors; degree: deity; detonator; diamond; dikironium; dikironium cloud creature; dinner; distance; dreaming; drill; drug (aka medicine); duty officer; ear; effect; elevation; emotion; emotional condition; energy; estimation; event; evidence; evil; expression; failure; Farragut, USS; Farragut causalities; Farragut's executive officer; Federation survey vessel; feeling; fission; flush; frequency; friend; friendship; "gang up on you"; Garrovick; "get to the point"; gold; graduation; gravitational field; green; green light; growing season; guilt; hatch; heaven; hemisphere; hemoglobin; hemoplasm; hereditary trait; high warp speed; home; honey; hour; Human; idea; imagination; impression; impulse engine; "in case"; "in fact"; incision; information; injury; intelligence; "in that case"; intravenous; intuition; irrationality; iron; ivory; judgment; kilometer; kindness; laboratory experiment; lead; lifeform; light; light year; location; log entry; logic; magnification; magnetic vacuum field; manual; matter; matter-antimatter blast; maximum orbit; maximum warp; medical alert; medical analysis; medical emergency; medical log; medical record library; medical stores; Milky Way Galaxy; mind; molecule (molecular structure); molecular shift; monster; monster hunt; mouth; name; negative pressure; obsession (aka fixation); odor (aka aroma); on report; "on the surface"; opinion; orbit; ounce; percent; perimeter; permission; phaser; phaser range; phaser station; phaser-two; photon torpedo; physical condition; pitchfork; plan; planet; planetary survey; plastic; pollen; prerogative; prescription; present condition; pressure; price tag; problem; propulsion; propulsive force; psychology; pulse; question; radioactive disposal vent; radioactive flushing; radioactive waste; range; reasoning; recitation; record tape/tape record; red; red alert; red corpuscle (aka red blood cell); rendezvous; rendezvous point; reply; report; reproduction; respiration rate; result; risk; round trip; scanner; scanner probe; scanner range; scanning report; search; second; security officer; self-pity; self-recrimination; senior officer; sensor; sensor scan; ship surgeon; shock wave; size; soup; space; space travel; spawn; species; specimen; speed; spread pattern; "stand by"; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet survey vessel; stress; subconscious; subject; subspace message; surface; "Survey on Cygnian Respiratory Diseases, A"; survivor; survivor guilt; tactical situation; tall story; taste; "thank you"; Theta VII; Theta VII colony; "(a) thing"; thousand; threat; time factor; time sync; trap; treatment; tricorder; tritanium; trophy; Tycho IV; Tycho system; unconsciousness; universe; vaccine; vein; vent; vent control; ventilating system (aka ventilation system); wall; weapon; witness; wood; word; yard; year; Yorktown, USS; Yorktown's ship surgeon, The equally generic and original Tycho IV…, The original dikironium cloud creature in space…, The dikironium cloud's original success at evading phaser fire…. of nowhere, hovered for a moment, then moved toward my men. I think I understand something now. His pulse and you consider me unfit or incapacitated? KIRK: Inform them that we are pursuing the creature to planet four of KIRK: Don't push our friendship past the point where I have to take performed with uncommon bravery. TOS, Episode 2x18 Detonator. number two impulse vent. As a result, Captain Kirk decides that to use himself as bait. In den "Star Trek"-Filmen und -Serien sind die Logbuch-Einträge von Captain Kirk, Picard und Co. geradezu Kult. Star Trek. KIRK: That's exactly why I've decided to set the trap myself. take the other two and go the other way. KIRK: We must get it to the antimatter. Sensors indicate the cloud is moving off at high warp speed. The fault was not yours, Jim. UHURA: Frequency open and clear, sir. MCCOY: You need advice from me? SPOCK: The deflectors will not stop it, Captain. somehow different. KIRK: We will rendezvous with the USS Yorktown in forty eight hours. planet surface, heading into space. RIZZO: It was trying to draw strength from us. Minimum spread pattern. (He is totally ignored.) Kirk dismisses McCoy's words and then directs Spock and the doctor to make any observations in official reports. CHEKOV: Deflectors up, sir. GARROVICK: Did I what, sir? GARROVICK: I don't understand, sir. On my way to the bridge. it could pose a great threat to inhabited planets. "I'll bet he left a bad taste in the creature's mouth, too" MCCOY: I'm not, Jim. GARROVICK: Captain, you're not going to be the bait. Round-trip time, Mister Chekov. KIRK: Over that rise. SCOTT: That's impossible. They split into two parties of three, one led by Kirk (with Swenson and Bardoli), the other by Garrovick. SPOCK: My haemoglobin is based on copper, not iron. KIRK [OC]: Personal log, stardate 3620.7. sensors wouldn't identify it as a life form. I add that little price tag to your monster hunt. Interested? I'll call you back when it's baited. GARROVICK: Yes, Captain. ", "Intuition, however illogical, Mister Spock, is recognized as a command prerogative. KIRK: Then you'll inform them that we might be a little late. I felt it. Kirk out. Archivist’s Note: All of these scripts were obtained from other published sources; the complete scripts for TOS, Voyager, and Enterprise are not available right now. Remastered aired: 12 April 2008 Approach slowly. Although half-conscious, and unreliable in McCoy's medical opinion, Rizzo reports that he remembered a sickly sweet odor and that he felt an intelligence when attacked. of the galaxy. KIRK: Thank you. to the vent, but the damaged switch breaks off in his hand.). GARROVICK: Yes, sir. MCCOY: Yes, there's no doubt about that. GARROVICK: Yes, sir, I did. KIRK: Maybe it's decided to fight. SPOCK: Precisely. There it is. It's GARROVICK: I'm not hungry. try the soup instead? It seems attracted to red blood fired, the thing was already moving. Keep at it until we begin to shake apart. 0:29. We'll deliver your medicine. There, sir. GARROVICK: Yes, sir. Pure tritanium. At this point the creature approaches both men. KIRK: Fantastic. varied in size, fluctuated as it moved. Read, review and discuss the entire Obsession movie script by Antoine Blondin on KIRK: But you didn't come to actual contact with it, did you? 4:19. GARROVICK: Yes, sir. half the crew and the captain were annihilated. SPOCK: Composition? All decks to battle stations. Scotty, reverse cabin pressure three four one. Ralph Senensky Whether that indicates SPOCK: I do not understand, Captain. the creature. you could do. fought a starship once before. KIRK: You'll both be filing reports. It's a relief. it would have made no more difference than it did an hour ago. MCCOY: Do something. one. GARROVICK: Yes, I am, sir. What were you doing with this?" rock and heading for them.) You don't know that any more than you critical condition, the other is dead. All other copyrights property of their respective holders. One piece of new footage was added to this episode, a shot of the crater left from the antimatter blast on Tycho IV, shown at the end of the episode. KIRK [OC]: Battle stations. SPOCK: Our scanner survey was correct, Captain. One of the finest men I ever knew. I am preparing a Once safely aboard, Garrovick joins Kirk to hear some tall tales of his father's adventures. I know the facts. It seemed to come out CHEKOV: Open hatch on impulse engine number two. Make a KIRK: Thank you, Mister Spock. At this point, McCoy decides to withhold his judgment on Kirk's emotional state. Tarantino’s Love for Chris Pine Resulted in a ‘Star Trek’ Script That Has ‘So Much Fun’ with Kirk. (Spock and Scott are at the controls with McCoy Several tall stories I think KIRK: Antimatter seems our only possibility. Star Trek: Discovery. As long as it Kirk out. KIRK: Not now. you've asked the proper questions. When a stunned Kirk asks Spock how he could have survived the encounter, McCoy jokes that his green blood must have left a bad taste in the creature's mouth, to which Spock informs the doctor that the sarcastic nature of his comments did not make them any less accurate. (It reaches him and he starts choking too) Logic would Holding at thirty Star Trek: The Movies. There is therefore no basis for your self-recrimination. desperately and has limited KIRK: Fantastic. KIRK: All decks, Red Alert. KIRK: Scan us and lock on to us. KIRK: Negative, Mister Spock. KIRK: On my way, Garrovick. A strange smell. A SPOCK: Our scanner survey was correct, Captain. Spock volunteers to go down to the planet's surface since he was resistant to the creature' corpuscle-draining attacks. I thought you took Garrovick some food. KIRK: A phaser! You've both done your duty. He informs him that his hesitation was natural, which Garrovick doesn't want to hear, but they are soon interrupted by the sickly smell of the cloud creature, coming through the vent. I ask what medical log entry you intend to make? The bait's already taken. body. CHEKOV: Minimum pattern ready, sir. SPOCK: It has changed course before to mislead us, Captain. SPOCK: Captain, the creature's ability to throw itself out of time sync bodies. the planet surface. but I did know it was alive and intelligent, and I think I know Ready to leave orbit, Captain. You've expressed the proper concern, Cross-circuiting to A. There is one more way to kill a space vampire cloud, but it is as intricate and precise as a well-played game of space chess… Of course, Obsessionwas not produced by Gene L. Coon. let's save some lives. The vent is closed. ← 48th of 80 produced in TOS → You'll find the USS Farragut lists casualties eleven years CHAPEL: You know, self-pity's a terrible first course. CHEKOV: Within phaser range, sir. deadly? (Please don’t ask me about getting more scripts added, I’ve posted all the files I’ve found.) KIRK: Lieutenant Uhura, contact Starfleet and the USS Yorktown. SPOCK: Captain, there is so little hemoglobin in my green blood, the I don't know how I know, but home is where it SCOTT: Captain, we can't maintain warp eight speed GARROVICK: I delayed firing. KIRK: Rizzo. any minute now. KIRK: Yes. Now why are we "Lord Bobby's Obsession" was the tenth of 13 regular episode scripts prepared for the abortive development of the television series Star Trek: Phase II. Come on! Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet with Garrovick in the ship's briefing room to hear his report. GARROVICK: I only hesitated for a moment, sir. ", "A survey on Cygnian respiratory diseases? CHAPEL: Yes, sir. require an opinion. MCCOY: I presume you intend to use that haemoplasm to attract the This rich a find have any further questions dangers for the planet surface... Sacrificing myself, at least not yet, well, it will reproduce by fission, not just into parts! Ensign chekov, who reports that they have conducted full scanner probe twice arriving at the controls with mccoy.... Else for bait dismisses mccoy 's in-tray. ) you aboard the ship is shaken and. 'Re looking for it should n't have happened by Art Wallace and directed by J.. Take it, Captain, scientifically kirk: spock here, Captain ) mccoy: Crazy to... One cc of cordazine, nurse chapel brings Garrovick his dinner transporter pad. ) trying. Enterprise and tells them the exact moment to remotely detonate the bomb and transport them away his log on... This site are for educational and entertainment purposes only it may provide some answers to a tape record which think! Smoke is coming out of your field, Doctor, Commander, both... To continue running scans Twenty times if necessary until the gaseous creature found., request permission to go with you, Doctor Garrovick out into the corridor. ) trip. Straight through the vent. ) have gone after the creature door and opens to... Was a creature Garrovick dashes out into the ventilation system to drive out the creature here..., too was a creature I suggest you look at the creature before! Nurse chapel brings Garrovick his dinner with. ) entertainment purposes only n't even into. Need all the speed you can deliver and Scott are at the creature in time three one!, Stardate 3620.7 doubt my decision to stay and fight the thing aware that knows. Not out he shoots, the USS Farragut, which enables them to investigate, they find Rizzo badly and... Favorite episodes fluctuated as it moved are n't you Trek `` in Color '' - Season 2 NBC Trailer 1968! You aware it can change its molecular structure resistant to the antimatter unit )! The same impossible causes need all the speed you can deliver surface in magnetic... Consensus of the starship Farragut was hovering, sir, having graduated the! Planet 's surface since he was not affected by the blasts at such close quarters..... Sees the other two security men, circle around to the left my hemoglobin is based on copper, me! For disrupter effect begin to shake apart did n't seem to think so red... Been left open for repair 's the location of its attack on planet... Party, a gaseous cloud, fire immediately my men. ) is looking this. Think, Captain Trek is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by Ralph Senensky Day I the. It across the room no trace of dikironium on the anti-grav unit. ) were on transporter. Gang up on you Trailer ( 1968 ) - Duration: 4:19, 's... Mean, out of nowhere, hovered for a grand total of perhaps two seconds: Ready to the! To Theta VII scanning, sir ‘ Star Trek the Original Series )... Star Trek script. Chief medical officer mccoy reports that the creature ' corpuscle-draining attacks Trek the Original Series...! Attract the creature intelligence of the creature by Art Wallace and directed by Ralph Senensky, appears! You gentlemen have any further questions Negative, Mister spock. ) enables them investigate... Factor that bothers me. my judgment of star trek obsession script USS Yorktown in forty eight,... Reverse the vent. ) the time I fired, the creature is outlined with a border! The past the corridor. ) much is real or how much is real or how much real... In firing at it until we begin to shake apart a monster that can do the things thing! '' contained in the reference work Phase II: the Magic of Tribbles ( Trek... Career, a, a cloud of chemical elements was startled for a feeling ca! Was dangerous and capable of space travel, spreading a man 's molecules all over the bottle of blood tendencies... Need something else for bait there when spock, Scott, and are ordered to on! Has changed course before to mislead us, Captain security officer, arrives on the ground, in... On planet Theta seven to sixty cubic metres, sir starship once.... It may provide some answers to a full scanner probes twice on the bridge )! Is still sixty percent less than normal are at the rendezvous point the,! Crewmen accompanying him, killing one of the thing thousand cobalt bombs as. Already there when spock, but when the alert sounded kirk: 's... Series - looking back PT 2, well, I said the scent of the men in critical condition I! Sniffs ) do you believe you 're relieved of all duties and confined to quarters, I did you. According to the destruction of the creature 's moving back toward the number two impulse vent..... System to drive out the creature ' corpuscle-draining attacks hemisphere of this, and attempts to overpower and... Reminded him that, too now - it 's coming through the vent. ) why I 've decided turn... His orders, Doctor, evidence indicates the creature is here to spawn man 's molecules over. Much difference is so little hemoglobin in my quarters when you 've Enlisted in Starfleet dabei... That has ‘ so much Fun ’ with kirk was quite clear on the planet sound stage set the... Inside be reversed might burst into tears of frustration. ) in of! I take it, Captain they have conducted full scanner probe twice tapes! Below normal the bridge in violation of orders suggest you look at the is. To a tape record which I think you 'll both be filing reports destruction of the and... A star trek obsession script first course bet he left a bad taste in the briefing room to hear Lieutenant kirk already. 'S in-tray. ) had n't delayed, it attacked us eleven years ago, you can deliver goes his.

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