(it's ok, she rebuilds her relationship with them) Is in the screen, the creator of ALO when does asuna wake up to jail, and she will show expressions. 0. One of those ppl is Asuna, who doesn't wake up from her NerveGear, so Kirito goes in that game and saves her. SRRY, FORGOT WHAT EPISODE. Posted by 1 year ago. Asuka's overbearing attitude and inability to admit her vulnerabilities keeps her from opening up to Shinji. 1 Answer. Makayla. Asuna wakes up, the creator of ALO goes to jail, and everyone lives happily ever after. Fade to October 31, 2024, Asuna is waking up, groaning as she does. You then wake her up where she decides to let you fuck her. >!spoiler!
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