The first season of Reign, an American historical fantasy romance television series, consists of 22 episodes that aired on The CW between October 17, 2013, and May 15, 2014. Historically, King Francis II does die as a teen. Torrance Coombs attends played the role of Sebastian on The CW series “Reign.” The actor is pictured attending Natalie Zfat’s Summer Dinner Party on June 21, 2016 in Los Angeles. Furthermore, does Francis die in Reign Season 2? The CW’s ‘Reign’ is more ‘historical fan-fiction’ than a direct retelling, is told. At the start of their marriage, they constantly bickered at each other … Sebastian de Poitiers (1540-1561) was Master of Horse and Hunt of France and the illegitimate son of King Henry II of France.He served as a general during the Italian War of 1551-59, and he was also known as a womanizer at court.In 1557, he was briefly betrothed to marry Mary, Queen of Scots when his father attempted to legitimize Sebastian and make him his heir, but the … Click to see full answer. Things aren't looking so good for Sebastian (Torrance Coombs) on The CW's Reign.After being gravely wounded, Prince Francis' half-brother lies on his deathbed in … The series follows the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was … Torrance Coombs is making us even sadder that he’s gone from Reign.. And so, Reign fast-forwards 21 years to Feb. 8, 1587 — the day of Mary Stuart’s execution. Historically, Francis died on December 5, 1560 at the age of only 16 after suffering complications from an ear infection. Related Story: 'Reign' Season 4, Episode 15 recap This was where the tissues were needed. Per THR, Reign Season 3 will be Coombs’ last, meaning Bash fans had better get their tissues ready. A year later, when Henry went mad, he forced Kenna and Bash to marry even though the two disliked each other and Henry promised Kenna he would marry her to someone with a title. Beside this, how does Francis in Reign die? The relationship between Kennaand Sebastian. Unlike on the show, however, he isn't attacked in a clearing after magically being revived, nor did Mary's mother die … Unlike on the show, however, he isn't attacked in … Reign, the new romantic drama about Mary Queen of Scots, premiere… Rather than blackness, Mary wakes up to, “Mary, I’ve been waiting for you.” Reign: Here's How the Real King Francis II Died Historically, King Francis II does die as a teen. At first, Bash gave advice to Kenna about how to get the advantage over his father.