If you have, stop, check the brake fluid level and top it up if you need to. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). A couple of years ago, a British poll revealed that 98% of the driving population is confused about what the symbols on their dashboard represent. If the brake pedal feels spongy, stop driving immediately. When this light is ON – the airbag control system is completely disabled, and you won’t have any airbags saving you in an accident. The exclamation mark contained within a circle warning light illuminates when the ignition is turned on and the handbrake / parking brake is applied. It could be as simple as a sensor fault but a garage will let you know what the issue is. This can lead to electrical problems involving your power steering, braking, lights, and engine. If the gas/fuel cap is not properly tightened, the gas cap warning light will come on. In some vehicles, the ABS turns on when the antilock brake system is active. For this reason, there is a very serious situation when the red light is on. What Can I Do to Protect My Pre-Owned Vehicle’s Engine? If you drive around with your gas cap loose or missing, the check engine light will normally come on. A safe alternative to carrying cash abroad. If that doesn’t get the light to turn off, have your vehicle checked out by a professional mechanic before you do any more damage to your vehicle. Dashboard warning lights may illuminate red, orange, green or blue, red indicating a more serious malfunction where the vehicle should be checked immediately. This is a serious matter, as it could fail to inflate in the event of an accident, or worse still, inflate without warning while you’re driving. The airbag warning light indicates something wrong with your airbag system. The light comes on when one or more of your tires have low pressure. For the safety of you and your passengers, take the vehicle in for service as soon as possible. Have your vehicle professionally serviced as soon as you can. Either remove the weight or buckle the seat belt on the corresponding seat. Airbag warning light This red light may appear to be a picture of a passenger balancing a beachball on their lap, but it means that one of the airbags is malfunctioning. A red warning light demands immediate attention (don’t drive any further), while yellow/orange warning lights indicate a problem that needs to be serviced soon. Become a Tire-Changing Wiz with Help from this Do It Yourself Video. If you're a Member with breakdown cover, call our Accident Assist team for help. If adding brake fluid and releasing the parking brake doesn’t turn the light off, have the brake system inspected immediately. If you see this light come on while driving, stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so. Go to your local auto parts store to find a replacement (they are quite cheap). Stop the car as soon as safely possible and get your brake system inspected. RED Dashboard Warning Lights. There are three dashboard light colors on most dashboards: yellow, red, and orange (and, occasionally, blue or green). Flashing red warning lights indicate an urgent malfunction. 18. The brake and clutch warning light will also illuminate if the handbrake is released, signifying that the brake and clutch fluid levels are too low. Choose from the symbols below to find out what to do next: If you can't see the one you're looking for, check your owner's manual as warning icons vary with each manufacturer. If this red light remains on after you fully release the parking brake, or comes on when you’re driving, it could indicate that either the brake fluid level is low or that the Automatic Braking system isn’t working properly – in which case the ABS warning light will also be illuminated. A red warning light demands immediate attention (don’t drive any further), while yellow/orange warning lights indicate a problem that needs to be serviced soon. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray). Ignoring a red symbol could mean doing further damage to your vehicle. What it looks like: A magic genie lamp or a Neti pot, What it is: The Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Light. Other causes may include wiring problems, a faulty alternator, or a faulty battery. Log in or register to manage your account online. You may only have a temperature gauge with a red section (H) at the highest end of the gauge. What to do: Check the tire pressure on all of your tires. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended PSI levels. No – if it's flashing while you're driving. It is usually red or yellow. In that case, top the vehicle, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown. Warning Lights. Service warning light. The lights on your car's dashboard light up when something's wrong. After you have checked the wheel bolts, the yellow ‘assessment’ phase begins to … Check your owner's manual for more specific advice. The yellow warning lights mean that an action should be taken in the near future, and red lights inform you that action needs to be taken immediately. Book hassle-free with Smart Care and get a 1 year guarantee. 17. If the light stays illuminated, the car’s diagnostic systems have detected a malfunction that needs to be investigated. What to do: Take your vehicle in to get serviced as soon as you can. Most likely, you just need to replace your battery. In many cars, the warning lights will illuminate briefly when the engine is turned on to check the bulb. Take the vehicle in for service immediately. EMISSIONS. If the DPF is full, it'll need replacing, which can be expensive. We’ve taken steps in response to coronavirus and we’re still here for you. You should get it checked as soon as possible. Check engine/emissions. 22. Generally, if you see an orange or red warning light, pull over as soon as safely possible and drive cautiously to determine what is happening. Stop driving as soon as you possibly can and switch off the engine to allow the engine to cool. Some of these warning lights are simply indicators that a certain feature is active, while others alert you to a potentially larger issue that may require immediate action. Or use our free app to search all warning lights by car make and light colour. Find out how we're responding to the situation, Tell us about the problem and track your rescue, 0800 88 77 66 to get instant cover if you aren't already with us. What to do: It could be something as simple as being low on oil, or it could be an indication of serious engine problems. Don’t restart the engine as this could make the problem worse. If you're thinking about changing your car, giving your home a new lease of life, or just want to consolidate your borrowing – a loan with us could help. The battery light indicates that the car’s charging system is short of power or is not charging properly. Red warning lights need immediate action. Become a Member today from just £6 a month. Check integrated motor assist Some vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system. Some of us choose to ignore them entirely until the car eventually breaks down. But this doesn't happen on short journeys. Your vehicle may have a brake fluid leak, a sensor failure or need the brake pads replacing. Don’t ignore your dashboard warning lights. Car dashboard warning lights. 20. Yes – for most vehicles, as long as there aren't any noises coming from the wheels. Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights Explained ABS Light. Typically indicates a lighting or other electrical problem that is controlled by the BCM (body control module). Slow down gradually and avoid braking suddenly. 19. This light shows when there's no oil pressure in the engine. No – stop the vehicle and contact us to report your breakdown. Click a link to learn more about each one. Download the app to report and track a breakdown quickly, find Member benefits near you, and more. These strange hieroglyphics vary from vehicle to vehicle, so be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific information about your vehicle. Dashboard icons are displayed in a variety of colors, depending on the system and its status in a specific vehicle. What they mean for most of us is a slight increase in stress levels and a trip to the mechanic. If you see a red circle with the letter “P” in it under the word, it means the parking brake hasn’t been released. If the check engine light begins to flash or blink, this may indicate an engine misfire is occurring. The oil pressure warning light indicates a loss of oil pressure, meaning lubrication is low or lost completely. No – if you need to press your brake further than usual, your hydraulic brake circuits may have failed. In that case, it's safe to drive to a garage. If it remains on, however, ABS safety features have been turned off. No – you need to stop and check your oil level. Find help to manage your current loan or apply online for additional borrowing. Hello everyone, For a while now I've been having an issue with my 2010 Town and Country Touring where the red circle light will come on on the dashboard, and none of my gauges will work, all the dashboard lights will be on, the wipers will be on (can't even use the fluid to make it less noisy! That’s why I always recommend fixing this problem as fast as possible. What to do: If the ABS light stays lit, a malfunction in your antilock brake system has been detected. To clear it, drive around for 10 minutes at over 40mph. Avoid heavy acceleration and high engine speed. Yellow icons indicate an item of importance (such as low fuel), but are not necessarily a warning. Take extra care when driving, especially during wet or icy weather, as your car's braking distances may increase. The antilock brake system regulates brake pressure to prevent wheels from locking during braking. It normally indicates a problem with the battery itself or the alternator. There may be a problem with the wiring, the alternator or the alternator drive belt. If the pedal feels loose or goes to the floor, pull the vehicle over as soon as safely possible. The number of warning lights on your car’s dials and dashboard can be confusing, so we explain what they mean and whether you have to worry The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Lincoln. Get a garage to check the ABS system as soon as possible. Get it checked out at your local garage. If you see a green or blue light, this normally indicates that a certain car function is on or currently in use. It’s one of the more serious lights to pay attention to and normally indicates an emissions or general engine running problem. Description: The red exclamation mark contained in a circle is the Dacia Duster handbrake or brake warning light. Most of these warning lights can be prevented with regular service and maintenance. What it looks like: A big screw is stuck in your car. ), and none of the steering controls will work, and neither will the turn signals. As with most things, there are levels to this. What to do: Fasten your seat belt! Copyright © Auto Simple   Privacy   |  Sitemap, Step-By-Step Guide to Replacing Windshield Wipers, Step-By-Step Guide to Changing a Flat Tire, The Vehicle Owner’s Manual is Your Best Friend, Next-Generation Engine 6 Custom Dealer Website powered by, How to Decide Between a Used 2-Row SUV and a Used 3-Row SUV at Auto Simple in Chattanooga TN. ( except on the DPF equipped MP7 and MP8 engines)Check the coolant level and if it's full it could be a coolant level sensor failure. If one or more lights stay on when the engine is running, they’re indicating there’s a problem. The red warning lights on the display panel are associated as a danger signal. The most severe alerts are displayed in red or orange. What to do: Pull over and tighten the gas cap. The temperature warning light means that the engine is, or is very close to overheating. Read … There are over 30 of them, so search carefully! This is a larger red light at the base of the odometer near the reset knob for the odometer. Your car engine needs the right oil pressure to stay lubricated, otherwise it'll get damaged. Sometimes the warning light is only text, such as “Antilock” or “ABS.” In some vehicles, the ABS warning is red. But if they stay lit up while you’re driving, then you'll need to look into it. Stop-start driving can cause the DPF to get blocked. ... Trading in a car with a warning light. Drive the car at a low speed to your local mechanic. If you see a green or blue light, this normally indicates that a certain car function is on or currently in use. Tell us about your problem and track your rescue. If left unchecked, minor problems can turn into major repairs. What it is: The Tire Pressure Warning Light (if equipped). Check all lights (headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazard lights). Problems with variable rear spoiler. Cars have lots of sensors to check if everything's running smoothly. The only time both "Red X shutdown" light and "yellow lighting bolt EML" come on at the same is when there is a low coolant fault. Check wheels as soon as possible. Find out more about how breakdown cover can help you if you have car troubles in our breakdown cover guide. There are many reasons why the light will show but a garage can check what the cause is. JESSYH2005 MEMBER; 2005 DODGE NEON; I was wondering what the red circle light in the top right hand corner of dash means? Kia Warning Light Meanings. Enjoy Some Outdoor Family Time at One of These Breathtaking Chattanooga Parks. If we’re honest with ourselves, we probably don’t know what all of our vehicle’s warning lights and symbols mean. Your owner's manual will tell you how. Do You Want All-Wheel Drive or Front-Wheel Drive? If the light still shows, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown. Find out moreFind out how we're responding to the situation. Some vehicles display text instead, such as “Check Gas Cap.” The gas cap prevents fuel from evaporating out of the tank and keeps rain, dust, and other things from entering the tank. If left unattended, the check engine light will illuminate. Luckily for you, we are on hand to let you know what each warning light means. Click a link to learn more about each one. If both the ABS and Brake Light Warning lights come on, you could have a seriously dangerous problem with your brakes. As a general rule, the white and green lights connote such an indication. With insurance, vehicle tax and servicing included, it's the simplest way to drive a new car. The master warning light also comes on or flashes in order to indicate that a message is currently being displayed on the multi-information display. What to do: If the check engine light stays on, take the vehicle in to be serviced as soon as you can. That could be caused by the oil pump or a blocked oil filter. Older vehicles may not have a symbol at all, just the text “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon.”. 2003 jeep cherokee: with a red circle warning light on dashboard - Answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. You must stop and check your vehicle safely. If there's a problem, the sensor will tell the engine control unit (ECU) which will turn on the engine management light. As a rule of thumb: It’s normal to see some of these lights briefly while you start your engine. If your brake and ABS warning lights come on at the same time, there could be a major fault with the brakes. You should check your motor oil level and pressure as soon as you can. Yes – if the brake fluid level's OK, it might just be a sensor fault. The symbol illuminates on the dashboard when the handbrake is applied or if there is insufficient brake fluid. I used my spare key this morning and the engine ran and then shut down and that light was blinking. As a rule of thumb: Red warning lights need immediate action. Part of the DealerSocket portfolio of advanced automotive technology products. This red symbol of an exclamation mark in a circle may indicate a fluid leak in the system, that the servo that provides the braking effort may be faulty or that the brake fluid level may have dropped. The DPF traps tiny soot particles which are harmful to health, and converts them to harmless ash when the exhaust system gets hot. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. This is unsafe for you and other road users, so don’t drive the car until the problem has been looked at and fixed. Log in to your account to book lessons, access your online learning material and recommend a friend. So, without further ado, Prestige Imports is pleased to present … They will alert you if your car’s mechanical or electronic systems aren’t working properly – and they can result in MOT failureif illuminated. What it looks like: A Pokémon gym is nearby, What it is: The Brake System Warning Light. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our Online Specialists or give us a call: Follow us on social media for more useful information on buying, selling, and maintaining cars: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+. If tightening the gas cap doesn’t work, you may have a cracked or damaged cap. No – if the light doesn't disappear after continual driving. Amber, orange or other colour lights often mean something needs checking by a garage. Check your handbook to be on the safe side. Next-Generation Engine 6 Custom Dealer Website powered by DealerFire. I know that this light is a tiny red light. Orange lights indicate less serious issues such as the vehicle needing a service. Standard Dashboard Warning Lights 1. If the light's still flashing, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown. Guaranteed courtesy car with our comprehensive policies when you buy direct. Then I used my normal set of keys and nothing happened. This is a current list of VW dashboard warning lights for the U.S. market. What it looks like: A meteor is heading your way, What it is: The Airbag Indicator, a.k.a. In many vehicles, the check engine light illuminates whenever the engine is turned on to check the bulb. Also known as the brake system warning light, parking brake warning light or brake fluid warning light. Log in to see your policy documents, keep tabs on renewal dates and check your cover level. It’s normal to see some of these lights briefly while you start your engine. What to do: If the airbag light does not illuminate when you turn the ignition, continues to flash, or stays illuminated, one or more of your airbags are malfunctioning. What it looks like: An abs workout reminder, What it is: The Antilock Brake System (if equipped). If the warning light's on when the oil level's right, there's a problem with the oil supply. 21. Restart the engine after 2 minutes to reset the engine management system. Red circle light on dash. If warning lights remain illuminated, however, you should take your vehicle in for service. Security Light. The brake warning light features a red circle with an exclamation point or "P" in the middle, or simply the text "BRAKE". The light that is flashing is not the theft deterrent light in the centre console by the radio. So keep a close eye on your dashboard and don’t ignore the warning signs. If your seat belt is fastened, the warning light may come on if you have a lot of weight on one of the seats. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray), but there are over 80 of them so be patient! Budget for your trip and spend only what you've loaded on to the card. The lights on your car's dashboard light up when something's wrong. Stop the vehicle when it's safe to do so. Chiming or beeping usually accompanies the seat belt reminder light. I have never seen this light flash before, let alone while it was flashing. © This warning light illuminates when there is a problem with your brakes. While some warning lights may seem inconsequential, it’s important to know what they mean and how to react. Warning lights illuminate whenever there is a problem with one or more of your vehicle’s functions. What it looks like: An obese child wearing a bandolier, What it is: The Seat Belt Reminder Light. If the ABS is not working properly, the wheels may lock up and cause a dangerous driving situation. If this red light remains on after you fully release the parking brake, or comes on when you’re driving, it may indicate that the brake fluid level is low. This symbol may also be used to warn driver of a traction control problem, or a communication problem between modules. When you see a red light, you should get your vehicle repaired quickly, and in many cases you’ll want to pull over. What to do: Never drive with an overheating engine! Stop the vehicle in a safe place, turn off the engine and contact us to report your breakdown. Pull over and get help. WARNING: NEVER open the coolant reservoir cap while the engine is hot or running. Whether it's a dashboard warning light for your Honda’s engine/emissions, driver assistance, brakes, fuel levels, or something as simple as what lights are being used, it's important to know your Honda. I’m sure we’ve all seen this one before. The red loose wheel bolts light comes on your Audi dashboard when the ABS sensors has detected that vibration characteristics of one of the wheels is determined abnormal. This handy guide lists the most common dashboard lights our mechanics are asked about. Yes – but you should drive for around 10 minutes at over 40mph when safe. You’ll need to schedule service ASAP. Problems in triggering electric roof. There are 29 dashboard warning lights highlighted in the graphic shown below. When illuminated, this light indicates that either the parking brake is engaged or that there is an issue with the braking system. A buzzer sounds and the warning light comes on and flashes to indicate that the master warning system has detected a malfunction. Just plug our Smart Breakdown device into your car to get updates about your car’s health sent to your phone. Airbag/SRS Warning Dashboard Light What it means: This light means that there is a problem with your Airbag / SRS control system. Sometimes the word “check” appears near the engine symbol, sometimes not at all. What it looks like: A pirate ship or a key submerged in water, What it is: The Engine/Coolant Temperature Warning Light. What it means: If the engine oil pressure warning light is on, it may mean your engine has lost normal oil pressure. Automobile Association Developments Ltd. The colors are green, blue, yellow, orange and red. Stop as soon as you can and check the oil level, topping up as needed. If the engine temperature warning light comes on again, you probably have a problem with your coolant, radiator, or water pump.