The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max suffered audio distortion issues … While others are still putting your phone in rice as a “fix” for liquid damage, we are pulling your phone down, putting crucial components into a ultrasonic cleaner removing any corrosion… iPhone service expert is going to do on your phone. Learn how to read the liquid damage indicator (LDI) on the Apple iPhone 11. This is not slight water damage, this is big water damage. Turning off the iPhone as swiftly as possible is the single most important step to prevent water damage. So you dropped your iPhone in water. Professional repair of water damaged or liquid damaged iPhone 11 Pro completed by experts; 97 … If your phone is still under AppleCare+, then you can bring your phone into your nearest AppleStore or ship your phone to Apple for repairs. No matter how hard we might try, it seems our phones have an affinity for finding a nice source of water to bathe in. Let’s talk about your iPhone 11 water damage repair. All Ask Computers technicians collectively have more than 15 years of hands-on iPhone repair experience. Nearest Store. In many cases, when an iPhone is However, this doesn't mean you should intentionally expose it to liquid and moisture. iPhone 11 Pro Water Damage Repair guarantees you:. Doing so will restrain the liquid to damage the internal hardware components. Liquid damage to iPhone or iPod isn't covered by warranty - Apple Support Do not try to charge your device or; Do not attach any accessories . The company's newest devices may … Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. You were enjoying your day when all of sudden you fumble your phone 11 and it drops right in the toilet. You can accidentally knock down your glass of water and spill it … That’s how you should act Here […] Whether it’s a pond, a pool, or even the toilet, dropping your phone into water is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Video: How to save your iPhone from water damage. Keeping it off for good couple of days after the incident is as crucial. It can also happen anytime, anywhere, whether you’re outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. And when this involves your beloved iPhone.....YIKES! The IP rating tests immersion in water on an intact device. If your iPhone is destined to get wet by ... ="read-more-container">