This data will be updated every 24 hours. Enter email address to receive updates from Face2face Africa Female genital mutilation top the list of most bizarre taboo rituals of Africa. Here are three strange sex rituals still being practiced in Africa. Even though we aren’t anywhere near where we have to be, it has not always been like this. In the Zulu community in South Africa, a traditional healer locally … "hasAccess": "0", The terms were agreed upon and the ceremony began. Blood-Water-Beverage. Full text views reflects PDF downloads, PDFs sent to Google Drive, Dropbox and Kindle and HTML full text views. Witch-doctors, or traditional spiritual healers as they prefer to be known, are becoming more prominent in Britain. A religious symbol could also represent a complex set of ideas at different levels which gives room to diverse theological, philosophical and psychological interpretations. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. They see it as a blood covenant and have agreed to them and also see it as a way to bond with their loved ones. You May Also Like. Before the boys to be considered men, they must endure a tormenting bloody whip match that will test their strength, self-control and bravery. Ancient Egyptians believed that a first menstrual flow meant that the girl was becoming attuned to the Great Goddess. This constitutes the separation phase, which involves women preparing the room by polishing the floor with cow dung. 2021-02-06T12:38:10.160Z Query parameters: { They prepared and drank potions containing their menstrual blood in order to enhance their magical powers. 10 Most Bizarre Taboo Rituals In Africa. If you should have access and can't see this content please, ORITA, Ibadan journal of Religious Studies, African Religions – Symbols, Rituals and Community. They speak to the … blood sacrifice were made to God in the old testament. But there is a tribe living near Tanzania and Kenya that has the most shocking rituals and food habits. Just as they involve surrender, initiation rituals also involve sacrifice; both the tangible that can be held in the hand, and the intangible, such as behaviors, must be given up by requirement. A month or two after the funeral the grieving family slaughters a beast and then goes to the graveyard. After all, for something to be “given,” something must also be taken; a token of submission, an ounce of blood; a pound of clay to be remolded. View all Google Scholar citations by. In fact, Mary Douglas expresses the view that such symbols, especially rituals, aid us in selecting experiences for concentrated attention, creative at the level of performance, and can mysteriously help the co-ordination of brain and body (1966, p. 63). When she is not in the classroom, she is a writer, award-winning performer, radio presenter and arts enthusiast. There are a couple of reasons for this. They do this in order to seek advice, good luck and establish a connection with the spiritual world. Sooth Saying-Puff Adder In Mouth. In the country of Zambia, practice makes perfect! These expressions can be seen in religious emblems, ideograms, rituals, songs, prayers, myths, incantations, vows, customary behaviour and personifications. "isLogged": "0", A price tag of £350 ($547) would not be uncommon. Any form of this power reminds a vampire that they’re far from human, as no mortal could wield magic in this way. One reason for animal sacrifice is economic. Juju comes from the traditional African religion popularly known as voodoo. Submit, © 2011- 2021 Pana Genius. From weird piercings to weirdest of foods to rituals they have it all. A typical birth ritual among the Ndebele-speaking people of Zimbabwe begins with the woman leaving her husband during her ninth month of pregnancy to go to her own parents' home. Subscribe, Join the conversation Share your thoughts, Enter Email Address Or were there specific uses for that blood? Mostly, women would mix the blood from their monthly flow with the coffee or tea of their lovers, which they believed is an undeniable recipe to capture his sexual attention. In order, therefore, to help comprehend some of the practices in African traditional religion attempts will be made in this paper to discuss the central significance of blood in African belief. For 6 months, these unmarried men take one of the weirdest steps in fattening up. "openAccess": "0", While we may agree with Raymond Firth (1973, p. 32) that an anthropologist is concerned primarily with the public use of the symbolic, and his aim is to separate symbols from referent so that he may describe the relations between them, we are of the view that those who are in the field of psychology of religion will be most concerned with how symbols influence the mind of the believer and thus understand the faith of the devotee better. Already, Bodi men are naturally overweight due to their large consumption of honey now this ritual helps to put on the extra weight. Through the practice of blood magic, a Cainite can summon fire, control the weather, and do many other things which are unnatural even by vampiric standards. Conversely, religious symbols have their ambiguities, and these could shroud their true meaning to the unwary. Previous article 10 Most Bizarre Taboo Rituals In Africa; Written by PH. As a method of scholarly research, a careful and meaningful study of the religious significance of certain ritualistic elements and behaviour enables us to understand and appreciate the more why certain things are treated in some special way by the believers, and thus helps to deepen our knowledge of that very faith. A representative was chosen from each group and the two representatives went through the blood-covenant rite. Juju or black magic had been very potent in Nigeria especially in the 80s and 90s and it still has potency till today. But there are some who engage in more sinister practices. They feed on blood and fresh milk. In ancient times, women were segregated and often called evil at that time of the month. In the build-up to South Africa hosting the Fifa World Cup in 2010, news agencies around the world were abuzz with stories that aimed to highlight the differences between Western and African cultures and practices. There are alternate recipes that use urine and sweat for these rituals or a mix of fluids. The idea behind this is that the woman’s scent or odour will be locked into her beloved’s sphere of consciousness. They incorporated menstrual blood into their curative and beauty regime. The poorer countries perform blood rituals with animals as they have to hunt already to survive, so after they use the animal's blood for their ritual, they will share and consume it with everyone in their village. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Referred to Patterson's book by a colleague in anthropology and sociology, I was unprepared for the thrill and shock of the information contained in Rituals of Blood. [box] Blood sacrifice is still practiced in Haiti and Africa, as well as in parts of the United States by some practitioners of Santeria and other variant religions of African origin. The color of their clothes was symbolic of their power, but why was blood, particularly their menstrual blood, deemed powerful? When the time approaches for the birth, the liminal phase of the ritual begins. Also known as “conjure” or “working the root”, Hoodoo is practised among native African-Americans who are descendants of slaves sold from the aforementioned countries during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. It is important to note that practices of this nature are not to be taken lightly as they may have dire moral, legal and spiritual consequences.